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Pen Your Pride

Just started HS, and two arrogant rivaling werewolves ALREADY wanna get down my PANTS! (Chapter 1)

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Chapter 1

The shadows on the wall were scaring her again. She slid further under the covers. She had never been fond of the dark, especially during a thunderstorm. The low rumbles of thunder overhead were making it even harder for Serenity to sleep. Her eyes try to follow all the shadows on her wall to make sure that none of them were simply demons in disguise. Serenity shivered from the thought and tried burrowing deeper into her mattress. Lightning quickly strikes outside her window momentarily illuminating her room. Serenity tried to stifle a squeak but her fear overcame her. She closed her eyes and sighed, she decided to weigh her options.

She could simply go on like this and hope the storm blew over and probably only get a few hours of sleep. Not very appealing to her at all. She could get up and check on her father, see if he needed anything. She knew though that he was probably asleep because she had placed a blanket over his sleeping body as he had fallen asleep at his desk....again.

Yes, she was a 16 year old teenager, but she still had the personality of an innocent child and she loved her father as only a child could. Her mother had always told her how much her parents loved her and they constantly showed her that their love was true. Mother...the thought of her beautiful, deceased mother brought small tears to her golden eyes. Her mother had past away 10 years ago, but it still hurt deeply to think about her. Serenity shook her head to clear her thoughts but jumped at the sound of an enormous clash of thunder. She sighed again and decided to go get her ipod.

Her ipod was in her father's office so she crept down the hall. She entered the office and saw her father still leaned over his desk with a heavy blanket over him, just as she had left him. Serenity smiled and grabbed her ipod. She looked at her father again. He was still young, and very handsome although one or two grey hairs were popping up here and there. He was a very loving father albeit a busy one. When Serenity's mother died her father had started to work from home and try to play the part of both parents. Serenity had to admit e played a better mother then a father. She managed to stifle a giggle at the thought and smiled again.

She leaned over her father and kissed his forehead. She hadn't inherited much appearance wise from her father except his yellow-golden cat like eyes. Everyone had always told her that she had inherited her mother's golden-blonde hair, the complete opposite to her dad's pitch black and grey speckled head. Serenity gracefully, and as quietly as possible so as not to disturb any of her sleeping maids and butlers, crept back to her room. She then removed her robe, slid into bed, turned her ipod up, and fell asleep to the phantom of the opera's "Angel of Music".

"Ugh" the golden haired girl groaned and quite literally fell out of bed. 'It is way to early to be going to school' Serenity thought while she was sprawled out on the floor. Her head popped out from the side of her bed with a look on her face that clearly showed that this was not the first time her grogginess had betrayed her in the morning. She got up and did all of her morning stuff. She dressed in her uniform of a black vest-like shirt, with white cufflings on her mid-arm. The cufflings had golden imprints of her school's symbol.

The front of her shirt laced together like a corset instead of buttons, and her sleeves puffed out a little. She wore the black skirt with golden hem's that was designated by the school, it showed to much skin for her taste. She went down stairs to what the maids had put together for breakfast. Serenity knew it would be something very special sense today was her first day at her new school, Monte Cristo High. Serenity's family was quite rich thanks to her parents hard work, but Serenity's family had only recently acquired their wealth so she had not been born into a prestigious family. She was not stuck-up or snobbish like some rich girls. She arrived downstairs only to be showered with food by her maids. All around her murmurs of approval or revulsion about her school uniform was heard.

There were whispers about how she should be wearing some make-up and she would completely irresistible to any man, while others sighed in a dreamy voices saying she looked perfect the way she was. "All right, all right ladies break it up!" "I'm sure the little miss is already nervous enough without our tutting about her. announced Serenity's favorite maid, Mrs. Edgin. She had been Serenity's nanny as a child and had taken up teaching Serenity anything that her father was unable to. "How are you feeling dear, are you hungry?" asked the lovable old woman. "A little nervous I'm afraid, and I'd rather a light breakfast if it's not to much to ask" replied Serenity in a soft melodic voice that Mrs. Edgin knew would immediately attract all the boy's at Serenity's new school. "Of Course dear, and your father says he will be taking you to school personally to see you off" Mrs. Edgin replied and then went searching for her mistress's breakfast. Oh thank goodness! it would have been unbearable if I had to go by myself, I'm so nervous! Serenity thought to herself.

Serenity finished her breakfast of two cinnamon poptarts just as her father came down with bed-head hair, trying to adjust his tie. He came down with a big smile and a drowsy look in his eye. "Good morning sweetheart, are you almost ready for your first day of school?" her father inquired while grabbing a bagel and cup of coffee from one of the maids passing by. "Nearly ready dad, I just need to grab a few things if you don't mind waiting" Serenity replied. "Not at all, very good now don't worry the principal said it was ok it we were a little late arriving and that he would give you a tour of the school personally" Mr. Tsukiakari said while grabbing the paper. "All right that seems very kind of him, I hope I won't be a nuisance to him" Serenity said while biting her lip and looking genuinely concerned.

Mr. Tsukiakari looked up at his only child with a fatherly smile but worried about how his precious, innocent little girl and worried over how she would handle the high boys who might be a little more then unpleasant. "Don't you worry little one it might be a bit rough at first but your a smart cookie you'll adjust in no time flat" her father said while patting his daughter's head. Serenity looked up at her father with troubled eyes but seeing his sincerity she smiled and her eyes brightened. Maybe today won't be so bad after all Serenity thought and rushed off to grab her back-pack.....

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