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23:45 PM

Wasn't love supposed to be pink? We were taught that love is beautiful, never ending happiness.

I can't sleep again. I'm having my crisis again. Missing you, missing everyone. I can remember how confused you were that I was home alone all the time.

You made that house special, alive. Now I eat alone, sleep alone and keep rotting in there.


°° 7th of June °°

12:07 AM

"Why are you always home alone?" Simon asked me as we sat in my room, staring at the ceiling.

"Most of the time, I live alone." I said

"Most of the time?"

"My mum left me and my older sister when I was 4. My dad and sister are with me but they're both barely home. He drinks all the time and she's partying. They rarely visit me." I explained

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know." He said, looking a bit surprised.

"It's okay. I'm not alone right now." I said and smiled


"Yeah?" I answered

"For an empty house like this, how do you manage to keep it so alive?"

"You make it alive. We make it alive just being here." I started explaining.

"Let's not get too deep. Let's go outside." He said

"Now?" I groaned

"Yeah, c'mon." He smiled as he pulled me up.

I followed him as we ran through the empty streets.


That night you held my hand for the first time. That night for the first time in my life I laughed so much my stomach hurt. Oh God, we were so scared at the start.

You were the only one that knew how messed up I was.

And you chose to stay, because under all that emotionless personality in you there is a emotional part, that you want to hide.

And you're so good at hiding it.

Love was definitely supposed to be pink.

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