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"Americano for you."

Seola was furiously tapping on her laptop but the voice interrupted her. She looked up, pushing the rims of her glasses up her nose. Jimin put the two cups of coffee for the both of them on the table. He then proceeded to slouch on the sofa opposite to her. She frowned at the cup and then looked at Jimin who was now nonchalantly sipping his drink.

"I never ordered anything."

"Don't worry, the drink's on me," he waved his hand.

She gave him an uneasy look but ended up drinking her Americano. Seola waited for Jimin to go but he was being way too cosy for someone who was supposed to be working.

"Are you taking advantage of the fact that Hoseok owns this café?"

He let out a loud laugh. "Nahh, I wouldn't do that. It's my break."

"And you are choosing to be here..."

He shrugged his shoulders and drummed his fingers on the side of his coffee cup.

"Why not? I mean, I get to talk to you." He gave her a wink and she chuckled, shaking her head.

"Fine then, I will take a break too." Seola closed her laptop and put it to the side. She sipped her drink and let out a sigh of relief as she slouched back on the sofa.

"What were you doing? You looked so serious typing on the laptop." Jimin mocked the face she had been making earlier. Seola frowned but ended up laughing at how silly he looked.

"I had to just sort out some legal stuff for my new business. I never knew I had to go through such a long process." She sighed, running her fingers through her greasy hair she had yet to wash.

Being a single mother and trying to open a business pretty much took up majority of her life, meaning that she hardly had any time for herself. Plus, she had just joined the local mother society which took more effort and time than she had anticipated.

"Watching Nari with Jun in baby yoga class is something I do not want to miss." Jimin chuckled at the thought of seeing Nari's frowning face amongst all the happy mothers and babies.

"When do you think you will settle down like your Hoseok?"

"Woah, I don't even think about that. I'm perfectly happy as I am." Thinking about settling down was enough to make him shudder with fear.

"Do you have a girlfriend? When was the last time you dated?"

"I'm not really into the whole dating thing. I prefer non-committing type of relationships. Less complicated and more freedom." He winced, instantly regretting his blunt honesty. How was he supposed to attract Seola with that?

"Oh my God! Who would've guessed that Park Jimin, the neighbourhood's nice guy, would turn out to be such a playboy."

He let out a chuckle, trying to think of a way he could redeem himself. "Don't get me wrong. It's not like I'm misleading anyone or hurting their feelings. I make sure that the girls always know I'm not looking to commit and most of the time, they also feel the same too."

"That is actually an interesting perspective. You've opened my mind a little more." She scratched her chin and laughed.

"How about you? Are you interested in jumping back in the world of dating?" He gulped as his heart began to race. He studied her expression carefully.

She put up her arms and made a cross with them. "No way! I need to take a break from being in a relationship. And I don't know, I kind of prefer being on my own. I've promised myself to not focus on dating for the next few years whilst I get my life back in order."

Jimin's smile faltered at her strong reply. It wasn't the kind of response he was expecting. Jimin was hoping he could drop in a few hints that he was interested in her. However, he couldn't do that anymore, not when Seola was so against dating.

He excused himself to go to the bathroom and splashed his face with cold water. The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. Soon he was slapping the water on his face, until his skin began to crawl with pain.

"Who was I trying to kid?" he said to his reflection in the mirror. He gripped the edge of the sink, making his knuckles turn white.

The mixture of anger and dissapointmemt he was beginning to feel felt weirdly familiar. It was only then he realised that the emotions he hadn't experienced since he read Seola's goodbye letter years ago were slowly beginning to creep back into his heart.

For the rest of the day, he couldn't think about anything else but his conversation with Seola. After putting Jun to sleep, he decided that the best way to get things out of his mind was to go to favourite scene. He called Hoseok to make him join him and texted Nari to babysit Jun.

"What kind of business is making you leave the house at 10 o'clock at night?" she asked, lying down on his couch. She let out a violent cough and sighed.

"An important one," he lied, putting on his shoes. He quickly whispered a thank you before leaving his apartment.

Sighing, Nari crossed her arms over her chest and closed her eyes.

"That damned baby is turning me into a nice person and I don't like it."

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