Chapter Twelve

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I woke up feeling rather hazy and warm, there was a scent in my nostrils that I wished I could wake up to every morning. It smelled like Nathaniel.

Stretching I turned around and curled up again, quickly drifting off for another hour or so. Until at last the room had gotten too light for my senses to ignore it.

When I opened my eyes the first thing I noticed was that the bed was empty, I was alone. The second thing I noticed was that I was most definitely in Nathaniel's room and I was wearing a shirt of his instead of PJ's. The shirt was large enough to be a dress or nightgown though.

My eyes searched for a clock and finally landed on the analogue, old fashioned alarm on his nightstand. It read ten AM.


I sat up straight and scrambled out of bed, I was missing school! Shit why didn't he wake me up? Where was he anyway? Don't tell me he went to school and left me here!

Searching around the room I couldn't find my own clothes anywhere so I slipped on the way to large pair of sweats that were his. They had been folded over a chair in the corner.

I was about to open the door to search for my clothes or overnight bag when the memories of last night crashed into me. There was a lot of white noise as my mind scrambled around all the impossible things it wanted to forget.

'Soulmates...' the words tumbled off my lips and I had to sit down again on the edge of the bed. Nathaniel believed we were Soulmates... And I told him I believed so too. I realized I still believed that, I was already missing him terribly.

Then there was this whole thing about Telepathy... And a connection that Nathaniel and I apparently shared that allowed us to touch each others minds and share thoughts. I wouldn't have believed that if I didn't remember clearly doing that and experiencing that myself these past few days.

Just to prove it was true I focused my thoughts on Nathaniel and called out in my head: 'Nathaniel? Are you at school? Why didn't you wake me?'

I didn't feel or hear anything and I was almost starting to think it hadn't worked and I was making a fool of myself. But then I felt it, a soft caress across my mind and Nathaniel's voice sounding amused: 'I tried a ghrá mo chroí, you were sleeping very deeply. Enjoy your day off, I called you in sick. Elliot is around the house somewhere if you want company.'

I had the vague sense of a classroom I was looking out over and then that image was gone...

Okay that was pretty cool. I hadn't imagined that... If only he could have told me where my bag with clothes was.

I was just about to leave the room again to find either my clothes or Elliot when I remembered the last words he'd said to me before I'd fallen asleep.

“Yes Amelia, exactly like a vampire.”

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