Part 1

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Zane's POV

My eyes opened groggily as they traveled over to the brown haired, grey eared, werewolf besides me. I smiled lightly, knowing that Balto was dreaming as his ears twitched. Before I could wake him up, a knocking sound came at the door, "BARK!" Balto shouted--yes the word 'bark'--as he knocked us both off of the bed.

"GAH! BALTO GET OFF!" I shouted as he landed on me, knocking the air out of me. However, Balto just laughed, "Sorry ZuuZuu..." He chuckled, cupping the side of my face affectionately. Feeling my face warm up a bit, I looked down, "Someone's at the door..." Balto nodded before kissing my forehead. He got off of me, helping me up once he was on his feet.

"Hurry, it might be Aphmau, and you kn--"

"Yes I know I know!" The werewolf whined, slinging his arm around my shoulders, I just walked to the door--with Balto hanging onto me of course. Before I could open it, Balto grabbed the door nob and turned it, before pulling the door open. There stood were, Vylad, Aphmau, and Garroth. I frowned to see Vylad crying as Aphmau and Garroth tried to comfort him. "Zane... Dante's in the hospital..." Was all Garroth could say before Vylad let out a loud sob.

I frantically grabbed Vylad and hugged him, something I wouldn't normally do. "Why? What happened?" Although I didn't take Dante as a CLOSE friend like Aphmau, (or Balto) I still saw Dante as a nice person. Vylad, nor Dante deserved this.

"Dante was driving, and someone drove into him" Garroth explained, staring sadly at Vylad, who was crying storms in my shirt. "Here, as soon as me and Balto get ready we'll visit okay?" I assured them, letting go as Vylad--then--clung onto Aphmau. They nodded except for Vylad who just kept murmuring 'why? Why?' Over and over.

As I turned to Balto, I saw him with his mouth open and eyes wide. "W-We should go and get ready!" He just nodded before he ran inside, followed by me as I shut the door.

Hey guysssss!!!!!!! I know I know, it's short, but I wanted to hurry up and finish the very FIRST chapter of the sequel of Zalto okay? Anyways, how's Dante doing? Or... More importantly...

Who caused it?

Bai mah lil tatertots~!

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