Finding Out Reality

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It was early in the morning, 9 AM. Harley slowly opened her eyes and stretched her arms out. "Good morning, puddin!" She called out happily while rolling onto her side. He wasn't there; his spot on the bed was empty. She blinked a few times before she noticed the rose on the Joker's nightstand. Harley crawled over towards it, her delicate body covered in a nightgown made of white lace dragging over the sheets. The Joker had chosen the nightgown for her. She grabbed the rose and smelled it. "Oh puddin.." She mumbled, sounding dreamingly and in love. She took the little note of the rose before putting the rose back on the nightstand. She read the little note out loud. "My dearest pumpkin pie, meet me at 9; 05 AM in the attic." Harley looked at the time, only two minutes left. She quickly jumped out of bed, her feet slipping into her fluffy, pink slippers. She pats her hair down and rubs the sleep out of her eyes before running towards the attic.

She arrived just in time. When she walked in, she looked right at the Joker's back. The cold went straight through her thin and short nightgown. "Here I am, puddin!" She giggled and walked over to him. She slowly wigged her arms around his waist and lays her head against her upper back. Her white, ice cold hands were tenderly stroking his bare chest. His smooth skin felt so satisfying underneath her delicate fingers. Suddenly the Joker turned around, the expression on his face was not like it usually was, it was different. She slowly backed away from him and bit on her lip. "uhh, puddin.. are you okay?" The look in his eyes was what frightened her the most. He didn't look like him anymore, and she didn't understand why. The Joker suddenly grabbed Harley's arms and pushed her against the wall. "Lets have some fun, princess."

The Joker grabbed Harley's shoulders and pinned her against the wall. "Arms up." He demanded. Harley, being loyal as she is, held her arms up against the wall. Her eyes were large and filled with tears. He cuffed her arms against the wall with metal cuffs that tightened around her wrists. He cuffed her pale ankles against the wall and took a step back to admire what he had done so far. Harley notices something odd. A faint hint of green was visible on the Joker's ear, like he had been painting his hair but wasn't careful enough. "Puddin.." She mumbled. She shouldn't have opened her mouth, the Joker slapped her across the cheek as hard as he could, seeing how the soft skin of her face was already turning red. Harley cried out and let her head hang down. She couldn't do anything. The Joker didn't stop, now he had gotten a taste of how it felt to hurt her again, he couldn't stop.

He grabbed a belt and licked his lips. "Tell me how much fun this is pumpkin." He laughed loudly before hitting his bare legs with the belt. Harley let out a scream, a bone shuddering  scream. The Joker groaned irritated. "Be quiet, for god's sake, child." He looked around until he found the duct tape. He ripped off a large piece and stuck it on her mouth. "Now on to the FUN!" He laughed for a full minute, only making Harley cry even more. She was pulling at the cuffs, but it didn't work at all, it only amused him more. The Joker calmed down and walked over to her. The next minutes were something Harley would never forget. He beat her with his bare hands, with whips and belt. He didn't stop for a second, not until her body was all bruised and shuddering. "Let's give you a little face lift Harls." He walked over to a table and grabbed a hand full of little needles. When he walked back, Harley was freaking out. She was pulling at the cuffs more than ever before.

The Joker closed the distance between them. His chest was pressed up against hers. He grabbed a needle and ran the pointy end under her eyes. Harley's eyes were wide open; all she could to was stare at him. He brought the needle closer and closer to her eyes, until the door suddenly got kicked in. Harley tried to scream for help, but the tape didn't allow her to. She looked like a complete mess, her skin bruised and red. Harley slowly turned her head towards the person that had kicked in the door. The person was non other than the Joker himself. That's when the confusion started to kick in with Harley. There were two jokers, one that had just stormed into the room and the other that was busy beating her to death. Even now she had no idea who was the real Joker was .

The Joker that had busted into the room was holding a gun, pointing it at the first Joker's head. "It's not polite to touch what isn't yours." He said grimly. Without hesitation, he shot the first joker right through the head. Harley's eyes widened, but when she looked at the second joker, she realized what had happened. The Joker walked towards her and pulled the tape off Harley's mouth. Harley immediately started crying again. The joker softly pats her cheek. "Calm down pumpkin, I'm here now." He got Harley out of the cuffs, but she immediately fell to the ground. Joker caught her and sat down on the ground, carefully pulling her into his arms. Her thin nightgown was ripped and dirty. Joker softly stroked the hair out of harley's face. "I'll protect you from now on harls. He touched something that isn't his, and he paid for that. No one will touch you now."

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