Bonus Chapter 1: The Rogue

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So, as I said the bonus chapters will be a short story about how Alex and Eve first met and found out they're mates :)

They will all be from Alex's point of view

Enjoy :)


"Alex give me the remote", Savannah said from besides me.

"No", I said.

"Come on, I want to watch something else", she whined.

"Ok", I said.

"Will you give it to me?"


"Oh come on! To your lovely little sister?"

"That's you?", I asked her.

She didn't answer, instead she lunged at me taking the remote and falling on the floor in the process.

"Ok, I didn't even move, you did this on your own", I started laughing, as I gave her my hand to help her get up. She ignored it and got up on her own dusting herself off.

"I'm fine, thanks for asking", she said.

"I'm glad", I smiled at her anger.

"You're annoying", she said as she sat back down.

"You love me."

"I cannot confirm nor deny that."

"Aww that's the sweetest thing you've ever said to me, I'm touched."

Where are you?, I head Jeremy through the mind link.

Home?, I said confused.

You're kidding me right?

Shit, I was supposed to be at the pack's border. Of course I am! I'm on my way!, I said as I jumped from the couch and ran outside.

I started running through the woods, not even bothering shifting. As I reached the border I noticed Jeremy's wolf, who was looking at me.

You forgot, didn't you?, he said.

"I most definitely didn't!", I said even though we both knew I was lying.

He rolled his eyes and went back to patrolling. A few rogues had been noticed close to the pack the last few days, so we were taking extra precautions just in case.

"When James becomes the Alpha, we have to ask him to do something more active to pass the time...", I said after a lot of minutes of silence.

How do you even know that James is going to be Alexa's mate?, Jeremy asked me.

"I think we all know these two are going to be mated, I mean they have to!"

Well, we'll find out in three years, he said.

"What about us? Should we start looking? I mean we just turned eighteen."

Yeah, but it can take years to find your mate.

"Well, sure, but--"

Rogues!, we heard another one of the guards near us call out in the mind link.

We ran towards him, me still in human form, we could use someone to talk to them if needed.

We arrived and saw a few rogues fighting with the guards, so talking is out of the picture. I shifted into my wolf and went after them too.

We didn't have any problems, until I pushed a wolf away, landing on top of her. I was about to knock her out when I looked at her

Mate!, I heard Jake, my wolf.

You are kidding me right?


She looked at me too, but quickly snapped out of it and turned us around, jumping off of me and running away with the rest of the rogues.

I got up, kind of shocked of what just happened. My mate just appeared and disappeared within five minutes, what the hell?

What's wrong?, I heard Jeremy.

Remember when you said it could take years to find your mate?

Yes, what-- No. The rogue?

The rogue.

What are you going to do?

First I'll let it sink in, then I'll probably do something stupid.


Find her.

You'll get yourself killed!

Jeremy, what did we say about giving pep talks? You're not good at it.

You can't just go after a rogue! Even if you find her the rest of the rogues will kill you, or hold you hostage!

You're being dramatic...

This is still complicated though. My mate is a rogue.


We'd caught one of the rogues for questioning and all I wanted to know is where they live so I could go look for my mate. My mate... It sounds weird.

I saw Savannah and Alexa coming in the house and rushed to them.

"Did your father questioned the rogue?", I asked Alexa.

"Not yet, he had a meeting with the Alpha of Scarlett Moon."

"Scarlett Moon?"

"Yeah, uhm... Christopher Warrens, you know he became an Alpha when he was 17--"

"Yeah, yeah that's great, what about the rogue?"

"Why do you care so much?", Savannah asked.

"Shouldn't we know why they're attacking us?", I said.

"Of course we should, but why do you care so much?", she said looking at me suspiciously. 

"I don't care so much", I said.

"So, if that rogue is your-- Hey guys!", Jeremy walked in and quickly changed the subject, but the damage had already been done.

"What? The rogue is what?", Savannah asked.

"Are we having a family meeting?", James and Brian came downstairs. Ok, so everyone's here.

"Hey Alexa", James added.

"Hi", she said. Just be mates already!

"What is going on?", Brian asked.

I turned to glare at Jeremy. "Sorry?", he said, but didn't seem so apologetic.

"Ok", I turned to everyone, "what I'm going to say right now, cannot be repeated out of this room, am I clear?"

I heard multiple "yes" from around me.

"One of the rogues that attacked us today was my mate", I said.

"What?!", they all started talking together.

"Hey, hey! No one says anything, ok?"

"What are you going to do?", James asked.

"I'll figure something out."

I always do.


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