Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Perrie's POV:

All of us walked out to the car hand in hand, as per usual. The fans this time were crazy. They were mobbing us and I was kind of freaking out. The grip I had on Jades hand tightened. I was so scared of letting go. Suddenly I felt someone on my waist. It tightened as they pulled me backwards, causing my grip from Jades hand to fall. The person was pulling me further and further through the crowd of people. How the hell did no one notice me going through!

"JAA-" was all I could scream before someone shoved something in my mouth to shut me up.

"PERRIE!" I heard her voice scream out. It was full of confusion and pain. I burst out crying from hearing her. I was then pushed into something as I landed in a heap of mess onto the floor. A door slammed shut and it made my whole body jump. I then heard the engine of a car start up. Great. They shoved me into the back of their car. It reminded me of the movie Taken 2. I then got an idea. While driving from where I was I stayed as quiet as possible. I took in everything that happened. How long we travelled straight, when we turned and what way, the sounds out side. I took in everything I possibly could. We suddenly came to a stop. The door was opened and the sunlight hit me straight in my eyes. I quickly shut them again as it hurt. I then felt my feet being dragged out of the car. The person stood me up with my back facing them. My hands were somehow tied behind my back. I looked around to where I was, a warehouse. How cliché. It looked very old and run down. I made sure that I wouldn't put up a fight with anyone. I would just let whatever happen to me. There were two memories running around my head.
1. The directions on how I arrived here.
2. Jade.
I was being taken inside. I didn't even know who had taken me. My eyes filling up with tears again thinking about Jade. How worried she would be. I needed to be with her right now. To hear her voice and have her lips on mine. Will I ever be able to see her again.

"You're probably thinking why you're here" a male voice said. My eyes widened in fear. I knew exactly who that voice belonged to. Sam Craske.

"I bet there's a million questions racing through your mind" he said walking towards me, showing his face. There was a massive smirk on it. I wish I had my hands free because I would of slapped it off him.

"Too bad you can't talk. Your mouth seems to be a bit full" he said taking the cloth out of my mouth.

"WHAT THE FUCK SAM" I yelled at him.

"Perrie. Don't be so rude. Now what was I saying before. I bet there's something on your mind. No not something... someone" he said bringing his fingers to caress my cheek. I jerked my face away.

"Don't touch me" I spat at him. He just chuckled. I shiver ran down my spine.

"Was I right Perrie? She's on your mind right? Your girlfriend. You remember the one that LOVED ME BEFORE SHE LOVED YOU!" he started shouting. I didn't want to reply. I sat their staring at him.


"I see you have a problem with this" I said back sarcastically. I immediately regretted it. His hand rose and it one big blur it had hit my face hard. I bit my bottom lip trying not to cry but I couldn't help it. The tears came gushing down my cheeks.

"Sam what the hell" I said.

"She's mine Perrie. Not yours" he said spitting the words.

"We will let her be the judge of that one" I said as calm as I could. My cheek was stinging from the amount of force his hand hit me at. His eyes stared at me like he was trying to burn holes in me. I flinched at seeing his hand rise. With one last punch to my eye he left me. I was a mess. Tears flooding down my face as I sat there absolutely helpless.

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