You Have A Date?

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I woke up before my alarm went off, too anxious to get this day started

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I woke up before my alarm went off, too anxious to get this day started. All because I'd get to spend a little time with Chase. I showered then dressed in my favorite jeans, and a cute button up plaid shirt. Down stairs, the house was quiet except some movement in the kitchen. Vin had already left for work, Vaughn was already at school, Vance most likely still asleep, and Dad off doing 'retired' things.

"Morning honey." My mom greeted me.


"You're up and ready early."

"Yeah." I sighed.

"Waffles?" she asks me from the stove.

My stomach was a nervous wreck, and I didn't want to push it. "No, I'm good." I started a pot of coffee, and my mother looked at me quizzically, as I don't normally drink coffee. I grabbed a granola bar from the cabinet, and the OJ from the fridge, pouring a glass then sat on a stool at the middle island.

"Taylor coming to get you this morning?"

"Uh no. Actually Chase is."

"Oh yeah?" I knew that in her tone, she was expecting me to explain, and this was my way of confiding in her. I was quiet for a moment, listening for any movement upstairs. "No one's home and Vance won't be up for at least another hour...or two. Who knows." I looked up at my mom, who was facing me, her back against the stove.

"I really like him." I rush out.

She smiles, "And I presume, he really likes you?"

"I think so."

She smiles even bigger, making the wrinkles at her eyes deeper. "Hmm." she hums, "I think so."

"Please don't tell them. They will destroy any chance of anything happening."

"Do you think this is wise?" she questions. "He is your brother's friend."

"Probably not, no. But I can't help it. I really like him. They can't know, they can't." I'm becoming a bit desperate. "It's so new, it may be nothing."

"And when it becomes something?"

I shrug. I take a bite of my granola.

"They're not trying to ruin your life. You know you're brothers love you, and want the best for you."

I nod, "I know but I'm going to be 18, I'm going to be graduating next year and I haven't even been on a date! I haven't even had a boyfriend!"

"What about that boy Bobby?"

"Bobby?" I ask, "What? Who? Bobby Fisher?" She nods at the name, "Mom that was in like the third grade and Vance scared him so bad he cried and never spoke to me again."

Mom found it amusing, "Ah, that's right. He had detention for the week. Brenda wasn't too happy."

"Why couldn't you have more girls?"

"I don't know hun, ask your father."


"I won't say anything to your brothers, but please be careful. I don't think they'd appreciate the lying and sneaking around. If it becomes something more, I don't think hiding it will have a good outcome."

"I have no idea where it's going. I just know I like him, and I think he likes me. I'll play it by ear."

Mom doesn't say anything else, and I finish my small breakfast. The kitchen smells like fresh coffee, and I go about making Chase a mug with three sugars. He never mentioned creamer, but he doesn't seem like a creamer kind of guy. 

Mom  is watching me, "What?" I ask.

"Nothing." she muses.

My phone pings notifying me of a message, I quickly put the lid on the mug and rush to the island.

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