FS 3 Episode 5-Paper Works!

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FS 3-Technology in the Learning Environment

Episode 5-Paper Works! (Preparing Hand-outs)

Name of FS Student:  Greggy Q. Encinares

Course: CPRT                                                             Year & Section: First Year

Name of FS Teacher: Prof. Rizalina G. Gomez Resource Teacher            :Signature:

Cooperating School: Doña Juana Actub Lluch Memorial Central School


1.       Prepare hand-outs for a specific topic

2.       Describe your hand-outs

3.       Present it to your teacher before reproducing it

Hand-out Planning Guide:

1.       What topic do I like to work on?

2.       For what grade or year level is my hand-out for?

3.       What components do I include in my outline?

4.       What type of graphic organizers/flow charts/schemas do I need to use?

5.       What references do I use?



Subject Matter: Five Senses


Grade/Year Level: Grade 2




               The students will be given a sense chart of which they can list details for each in its co-

Lumn. This chart has five column and each column has a type of senses like for example, in the

First example, you need or the students need to list things that they can see through the use of

The sense of sight. The next column is for the sense of hearing, then the third one will be the

Sense of touch. The fourth column will be for the sense of taste, and the last column will be for

The sense of smell. This is an activity for the whole day period, inside the school premise. They

Can do this activity during class or during break or recess time. This will allow them to scan or

Look for things in their surroundings and their record on their sense chart the things that in-

Volves the five senses. I may have them pass their sense chart on the following day.










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