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• Broken hearts •

18:34 PM

This was supposed to be our winter. We were supposed to keep each other warm and happy these days. We were supposed to stay in bed all day enjoying a break from school. And to breathe in the snowflakes that would fall from the sky.

You were supposed to borrow me your hoodies and keep my lips warm.

How could you do this to me after everything we've been through?

Why did you move on when I was in pain?

You're so obsessed with your reputation. Their opinion was more important to you than I was.

You didn't step up and stop them from calling me all those names. You were never here when my whole world was crashing down.

Like a coward, you ran away when things started to get complicated and sad. It's like you were afraid of sadness. So you ran away from me. Like I was nothing.

It's been three months since we last talked. Why did we fade away?

I noticed your friend organised a house party.

So many people, so many familiar faces.

I stopped for a second and stared at the house.

Then I saw you. You're smiling and laughing. And it makes me angry, that I'm not the one that's making you laugh.

I was supposed to be standing next to you this night. And dance with you and have fun just like you do. The more I stare, the more I imagine myself next to you. Every party in our neighbourhood reminds me of how you and I met. It still haunts me.

"Hey Sunnie! Fucking freak." One of the boys said, looking and sounding half drunk.

The names don't hurt me anymore. It only hurts when you hear them and you won't do a thing.

I shook my head and continued walking, as the music could slightly be heard in the distance.

I got inside my house.

It's cold in here as well. No one is ever here. My older sister Amy rarely visits. But when she does It's a hard job to make her sober. At least It makes my mind forget about you for that short period of time.

That's what I loved about you, Simon. You knew how messed up I was before anyone did.

Then I realised how messed up you were too, so we found our similarities.

But you left, leaving me with a thought you are the same as everyone else. Leaving me alone in this empty house.

But you're not the same as everyone else. You just follow everyone because you're too afraid.

You're too afraid to say your opinion and get judged. You hate being judged, don't you?

So you blend in with everyone. But for me, you still stand out.

Mainly because I know the real you and your beautiful mind that you're too afraid to show.

It's so damn cold. I don't know if I can survive this winter without you.

You're still not here every time my whole world is crashing down. And it's slowly ruining me.

Please, Simon. Let's count my scars from one to another.

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