5- Training

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Percy's PoV:

She charged at me and her first strike was so hard to deflect that I almost fell down but I managed to stay on my feet. She absolutely wanted to kill me. This is really gonna be the best day of my life... I parried her next strike and tried to sweep her off her feet. She jumped away and slashed at my chest. I dodged and an idea came into my mind. The next time she tried to jab at me, I melted into the ground and solidified behind her. I slashed at her back but before I injured her, I stopped. I didn't want to hurt her. She wasn't even wearing armor. Before I could do anything, she turned around and pinned me to the ground. My eyes widened. She was on top of me and her sword was pressed to my neck.

"Don't attempt to use your powers again!" She shouted at me.

"You didn't say that using my powers was not allowed." I said.

"Well, I said it now." She pressed her sword to my neck and ichor appeared. My only chance was trickery. I widened my eyes.

"Lord Zeus!" I said and Artemis looked behind her, loosening her grip on her sword. I rolled so that I was on top of her. I smirked.

"Trickery!" She said.

"Too late for you to realize that." I said. Then I got up. "I don't want to hurt a girl." She got up too.

"A girl?!" She started to walk toward me with a murderous glare. I started walking backward. Her glare made my hair stand on end. "I'm capable of more than an ordinary girl!" She growled and pounced on me. I fell backward and I got the sensation that I was falling. Only when I landed hard on the ground did I realize that I fell on top of a trapdoor. It must have been open so now I'm trapped inside. Who knows what dangers are here. Soon, my eyes adjusted to the darkness. Then something shuffled on top of me. Artemis! My eyes widened. She must have fallen with me... Now I'm really in trouble.

Artemis' PoV:

I felt something hard below me. It felt like a body. Perseus! Oh gods! I immediately got away from him. But I didn't move far because I was not sure of what is here.

"Artemis?" I heard Perseus say. I was a little scared and I felt reassured when I heard his voice. But I was still angry with him.

"What?! Look at what you have done! Now we are both trapped here!" I shouted at him.

"Why do you blame me?! It was you who pounced on me!" He shouted back.

"All of this is your fault! You should have not come to my camp in the first place!" He didn't speak anymore after that but I heard some shuffling. "What are you doing?!" He didn't reply. I wondered if he was angry. I know I was too harsh on him...

"Artemis..." He said suddenly. "I have found a way out." He came to me. I could see his faint outline since my eyes have already adjusted to the darkness. Then he stretched his hand out to me. "Get my hand if you trust me." I debated in my head. I badly wanted to get out of this place but can I trust him? Since I had no other choice, I got his hand. He pulled me up and I almost fell down again if he had not supported me with his other hand. I didn't know what happened next but the next thing I saw was the arena. Then he gently put me on the floor and examined me.

"Your ankle..." He said. I looked at my ankle and saw that it was covered with ichor. He ripped a piece of cloth off his shirt and did some First Aid. "You must have injured it when you fell. Was I a good cushion?" He asked the last part sarcastically.

"Shut up or else you'll find my sword in your chest. Do not ever talk about this to anyone." He just shrugged. I really wanted to beat him into a pulp.

"They must have seen it already. Who cares? Everyone makes mistakes." He said casually.

"You don't know how it is for gods! Anyway... How did you get us out of there?" He smirked.

"Having earth powers have many benefits."

"But those traps are made to drain away your powers." He shrugged.

"Dunno... Maybe my powers are special." Then he stopped with the First Aid and sat down on the ground. "There. All finished."

"I don't need that. It'll heal anyway."

"Hey! That was hard work. Won't you even say thanks?"

"What if I don't want to?" He huffed. He is kind of cute when he does that. Wait what?!

"Anyway, since you're injured, training will be postponed to tomorrow." He said.

"You talk like you're the instructor. This will heal in 5 minutes and we'll start training again." I said.

"K fine." He said. He is really annoying. After a while he said faintly, "I'm sorry..." I was shocked. I didn't expect him to say that. "I'm sorry for everything okay?" He said a little louder this time. "I know you hate me and don't want to do this. If you want, I'll tell Zeus to assign a new trainer for me." I just stared at him in shock. I didn't know what to say so I looked at my ankle to see if it's okay. I stood up and surprisingly, my ankle was okay. It had not even been 5 minutes.

"Let's start training now." I said to him. I got my sword and faced him. "Are you getting up or not?" He smiled faintly and stood up. His sword materialized on his hand. "Go!" This time, he charged at me.

The sun was already setting. The sky a mix of red and orange. We were just focused on attacking and parrying each others strikes. I tried to strike at his head but in a blur he got my sword and pointed his at my neck. Then he smiled, breathing heavily.

"Nice work for your first day." I told him.

"Tomorrow again?" He asked. I nodded and he smiled. Then he gave back my sword.

"I'll see you tomorrow then, same place." He nodded and I flashed away.

Word Count: 1075 (excluding A/N)
Date Published: September 24, 2016
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