Chapter 12~My soul mate is a wolf, so why am i in love with a guy?

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Chapter 12

I woke up to the smell of bacon and pancakes, to be honest I could get used to this, him and bacon and some pancakes would be the perfect combo. No matter how much I wanted to stay in bed in my little bubbled up world where everything was perfect I had to get up and face reality, where not everything was the way I wanted it, but it was pretty good, I could say that it was heading way north.

So I got up and I went into the kitchen, to find Jake finishing up the bacon and oh my god my all-time favourite thing, I can't believe I didn't smell this COFFEE. He made coffee for breakfast, sometimes I just think he reads my mind, I mean I never told him how much I love coffee, but I guess a lot of people drink coffee in the morning.

I know it's kind of strange, but instead of "good morning" I said "You made coffee?" I asked with a huge grin.

"Yeah, I thought you might like it." He said smiling.

"I love coffee, it's my favourite thing." Still smiling.

"Well at least we have that in common."

"You never told me you were addicted to coffee." I said smiling and picking up a mug for a drink.

"I'm not, I just like it."

We were sitting, drinking our coffee and eating breakfast.

"I have a surprise for you, can you come by the cottage around 8?" he asked looking a little nervous if you ask me.

"Yeah sure, but can you at least give me a hint?" I asked, I mean hint no hint I'll probably like show up at 6, because I am a very curious person and impatient and I just can't wait.

"Sorry, no hints." He said smiling, but it didn't reach his eyes.

After he left I cleaned up, dressed up and went to see what was going on with the rest of the world.

It looked like mama was just going out to the garden to get some veggies.

"Hi mama, you need some help with that." I asked with a smile.

"I always need help, you know that." She said returning my smile.

Time seemed to pass in slow motion, I helped mama, we talked about the dance and when we were coming back from the gar-den guess who was waiting for me?

Well I was even more shocked and pissed then you.

Yes you guessed right, it was that harassing pig that kissed me last night, Attila.

I tried to ignore him and went straight for my room without even looking at him and slammed the door, but the ass obviously didn't know how to take a hint, so what can you do with a closed door, well nothing but knock, right?

I also tried to ignore the knocking, to where it got to the point when I was ready to pull my hair out and make my ears bleed, but instead I opened the door and smacked him with all my power and to my surprise he took it pretty hard.

"Oww, I suppose I deserve that." He said holding on to his cheek and stepping back a little.

"Damn right you do what the hell were you thinking last night?" I felt the same as last night, but with less steam.

"I like you, okay and I was angry and I'm sorry. I promise I won't kiss you again, unless you want me to." He said actually looking sorry.

"Well I wouldn't hold my breath, but I don't know if we could be friends after what happened and you can't tell Jakob."

"Why would I tell him?" he asked looking confused.

"Never mind, but you have to leave me alone for a while. I'll call you if I want to talk. Okay?"

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