Chapter 12

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The day Encaca reached Afibia was filled with celebratory screams and cheers. Jeffery could barely hear the music played by the musicians accompanying the witch as it drowned in the screams and cheers of the merpeople that had flooded the streets in hopes of laying their eyes on her.

Merpeople of all ages stretched out their hands to try and touch her. It was like she was a god in the flesh being paraded within the cove.

Interesting. Jeffery thought as he finally got a glimpse of the sorcerer that had everyone adoring her. Her skin was a dark ebony tone, and her tail was a charcoal black. Her kinky hair was laced and adorned with small ornaments and beads Jeffery thought to be charms of some sort.

Jeffery felt Aquas' smaller hand find its way in his as he gazed on at the merwoman. Aquas gave Jeffery's and a squeeze. He'd promised to follow him when it was time and give him some moral support.

Encaca swam through the crowd with the musicians and the guards that accompanied her. The trident she held in her left hand resembled the implement thought to be carried by the mermen according to human mythology. That was probably another almost fact that had to be fixed.

Jeffery and Aquas followed the crowd as they migrated towards the cove's council house. The members of the council were waiting outside by the entrance. The elders looking on at the approaching crowd with a straight face while Marsha and her younger male counterpart smiled as the witch approached them.

"Encaca, the people of Afibia are happy to host you!" Marsha said when the witch came face to face with the council. A smile made its way to the colored lips of the witch.

"It's I who should be happy. I can't believe I get to serves such a great civilization," Encaca said as she turned to the cheering crowd. She raised her trident in the air, quieting them.

"I am here in accordance with the law of our people and the will of our ancestors. I am not here to destroy. I am here to grant fertility, cure the sick amongst you, and I am here to answer your requests. Leadership is a temporary, and a seal of servitude. May our ancestors help me carry out my duties with accordance," she said, her words followed with murmurs of agreement that gradually advanced to full out cheers and screams.

Encaca plunged the base of her trident into the seafloor, eyeing the crowd as she spoke.

"I don't know how long I will be with you, but I am following the migrating pattern of a school of fish, meaning that I can only stay for so long. Do not feel intimidated and shy any from asking me for help." Encaca continued as she looking at the crowd with one of the most sincere smiles Jeffery had ever seen on a living being. She seemed approachable so far, and that was very encouraging to him.

"We will house her now. An announcement will be made to inform you of when you can come to her," the purple-haired lady who was a member of the council said as the guards proceeded to clear out the crowd. Jeffery and Aquas took their leave soon after, heading for Aquas' dwelling.

"What's your take on her?" Aquas asked as Jeffery made to lie on Aquas' nest. The softness provided by the layer of animal skin made Jeffery close his eyes briefly in bliss before looking over at Aquas who was sat at the edge of the nest.

"The witch?" Jeffery asked making Aquas nod. Jeffery bit the inside of his cheek. What really was his take?

"She seems very approachable but I'm a little overwhelmed by how she was treated, it was as if she was being worshiped—"

"It's only right, she represents our ancestors," Aquas said, cutting Jeffery off.

Although Jeffery wanted to talk more about the apparent hero worship Jeffery kept quiet on the mater and settled with resting his head on the softness of Aquas' nest. His mind wandered to the dark-skinned mermaid the merpeople treated like a prophet. His mind wondered to questions like, how powerful was she? Would she be able to know his situation just by looking at him?

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