Ch. 6 (PG-L): Morning Brings Clarity

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And she decides to wear a rather Grecian or early Roman inspired loose dress of a deep peach or apricot overlying an almost sheer ivory colored under dress as reflected in her exposed sleeves seemingly falling off of her shoulders [(2) right]. Lady Madeline had worn the dress once at their country home, but not here in London as of yet. The dress is just Lady Madeline's style—simple, elegant, a touch of the classical, and everything that is sweet and girlish. And she hopes that a certain gentleman might find her pleasing in it.

Such artful disarray is not without precise intent to beguile a certain tall and handsome youngish Earl who behaved quite rudely to her at her presentation ball last evening. She will show Lord Christian Blount, Earl of Sussex who is the little girl--or young lady--upon the cusp of her womanhood. Lady Madeline rifles through the cards and nosegays, her noting who sent them –all of her marriage proposal suitors are represented, but none from Lord Christian. Her disappointment is palpable. But then, she reasons, he was so drunk last evening that perhaps he does not remember insulting her. Hmmm. Well she resolves not to let him forget it. And just for minxishness, Lady Madeline plucks one of the pale pink roses from Lord Harold Blount's nosegay, and slides it into her dress' waistband.

However, Lady Madeline's Grandmama Lady Lucretia Beckham Knott has decided to have a guiding chat with Lady Madeline over their breakfast. And after Lady Madeline begins to eat, her Grandmama has the perfect opportunity to bring up the matter of Lady Madeline beginning to be courted.

Lady Lucretia: "Maddie Dear, I see that you received several pretty posies from your admirers of last evening."

For Lady Madeline has brought them all down to the morning breakfast room with her—artfully arranging them around her table place setting in a half moon shape. When she was a little girl, she would arrange her birthday treats thusly. It is just that now, Lady Madeline's young lady gifts are less edible—but by no means less delighted in.

Lady Madeline: "Yes Grandmama. I especially like the violets." She picks up that one, admiring its purple velvety hues, and brings it to her nose to drink in its heavenly scent.

Lady Lucretia: "And who sent you that one?"

Lady Madeline: "Lord Tottenham, I believe. No! I am mistaken! It was Lord Quincy." Lady Madeline smiles quite pleased with herself. If she had known that being presented lead to such fun, she would have insisted that her Papa bring her to London sooner.

Lady Lucretia: "Hmmm. "I do not believe I know of him." An implicit tsk tsk dares to break free. Lady Knott will allow only the most dignified and gentlemanly gentleman to court and wed her granddaughter. So Lord Christian Blount is not in her good graces at the moment for his rude behavior last evening at Lady Madeline's Presentation Ball. "And do you know of his circumstances, My Dear?"

Lady Madeline: "Oh, yes." Lady Madeline smiles brightly between nibbling on a scone and drinking her tea. "He said that he has been rusticating in the country and just inherited from his uncle. So now he seeks a wife to ... well to ... " Lady Madeline pinkens up in a charming blush. "Well, to provide him with heirs."

Lady Lucretia: "Yes Dear. Whomever you marry will require heirs." She rolls her eyes. And though she bore her husband no son, they had a very nice daughter in Lady Madeline's late Mama.

Breaking into her Grandmama's reverie, Lady Madeline gently touches her hand and looks at her soulfully.

Lady Madeline: "Grandmama? Cards and nosegays are nice—quite thrilling, actually. But how do I know who is the one man whom I can entrust with my heart?"

Lady Lucretia: "Ah me. Your father has kept you too long in the country after... well, too long." She thinks of the sad passing of her daughter. "You should have been meeting other young people of your own age and going to parties, such that someone might have caught your eye." She smiles at her granddaughter.

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