chapter one

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(Pic of gracie)  and (Harry what he looks like in the story)

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(Pic of gracie) and (Harry what he looks like in the story)

Harry's pov:
I was sitting watching the telly when a familiar person shown up on the screen.Louis Tomlinson the person who broke my heart months ago and that I was still in love with.I still remember the day Louis broke up with me Oh yeah and the day i found out I was pregnant which I never got to tell him.

I was pacing back and fourth nervously because I just got back from the doctor because I was feeling ill and the result was that I was pregnant with Louis child, I was happy but I didn't know if Louis wanted a child right now but I was going to tell him, speaking of Louis he came in with a huge smile on his face But it didn't reach his eyes.

"Hey babe what's wrong?" I asked, hiding the ultrasound pictures behind my back.

"Harry, we have to break up," He says.

"W-why I thought we were happy." I said, tears brimming.

"Because today I got an offer to play for Manchester and I won't be able to do a long distance relationship and it would be hard because I be gone half the time." He explains sighing.

"That's bullshit, your just going to throw away a two year relationship because you'd be gone half the time, we could make it work." I said getting angry.

"I'm sorry Harry." Louis says guilty.

"Bullshit just leave." I spat as hot tears running down my face.

"Fine." Louis says going into the bedroom we no longer share together.

Louis grabbed his things, looked at me with a sad look and left.

"By the way I'm pregnant with our child." I muttered in the empty loft.
*end of flashback*

I wiped the fresh tears from my face and watched Louis' interview He was doing well for himself. So was I , I had a good job at the bakery. Even though money is a little tight, and I'm the father to the most beautiful three month old.I looked down and she was fast a sleep in her bassinet.She was a total reminder of Louis, she had his beautiful blue eyes and light feathery hair.She moved a little and I rubbed her back lolling her back to sleep.

I turned the telly off not wanting to watch his interview anymore and went into the kitchen to eat before the baby woke up.

I finished fixing a sandwich when there was a knock at the door, it was my best friends Niall and Liam, who helped me all through my pregnancy and now along with my family.

"Hey lads, come on in."

"Thanks, where's Gracie at?" Niall asked excitedly.

"She's taking her afternoon nap." I replied.

"She's always sleeping when I come over." Niall pouted.

"Because she doesn't like you."I shot back playfully.

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