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Prologue: Mirror Maze

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Author's Note: Hello, everyone! To any of you who have read the first story I tried to put on here, titled 'Shadow Warrior', I'm sorry but I've deleted it off of here. I didn't feel like anyone was reading it and to be honest I was getting kind of bored with the story. So I decided to try putting a fan fiction story on here instead. I feel like fan fictions are easier to write than regular stories because you get to use characters that have already been made up. All right, just a few more minutes of boredom and then I'll let you read. First, I want to dedicate this chapter to my good friend Anne Dooley. She is the first person to have read and commented on my new fanfic, and she is an AWESOME author. I've included the link to some of her works on the side, so I encourage you to check her stories out. Second, a disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the Harry Potter series. Any characters and events that are part of the series are the work of J. K. Rowling and I do not take credit for her work. Anything NOT part of the series are from my own imagination.

Third, this story is about Lily Potter, Harry and Ginny's daughter. No, I'm not going to tell you what happens to her because that would just ruin the story. Fourth, please, please, PLEASE comment, vote, fan! The main reason that I stopped writing 'Shadow Warrior' was because I felt like no one was reading my story. Wow, okay, this is longer than I thought it would be, so I'm going to shut up now and let you read. Enjoy the story!

Prologue: Mirror Maze

I looked around hopelessly, completely lost. Everywhere I turned I saw millions of skinny red-haired girls with brown eyes, but no exit. I began to walk forward again, without any real idea of where I was going, but I ended up crashing into one of the thousands of mirrors and falling gracefully onto my rear end.

"Ouch!" I exclaimed. That hurt! I glared at my reflection, but it showed me nothing but a sixteen-year-old girl with flaming red hair and chocolate brown eyes rubbing her forehead. But wait.....what was that? I stood up slowly, squinting at the image. My reflection squinted back. Brilliant; now I was going mad. But I could have sworn that I had seen - there it was again!

I turned, but I saw nothing except a sea of mirrors behind me. I took another look at the mirror. There it was, as plain as daylight; a forest, only just recognizable by the halo of light from the sunrise surrounding it. But that was impossible. There was nothing here aside from these old sheets of glass. I turned to try and fight my way through what I knew would be a losing battle when something appeared that made me freeze in my tracks. Out of the shadows of this forest walked a boy who seemed to be about my age. I stared, transfixed. What was going on?

The boy was coming nearer, and I could see that he was very handsome - or rather, he would be handsome if he wasn't covered in dirt and blood and sweat. His jet black hair was very untidy and plastered to his forehead. His clothes were torn and rumpled, as if he had been sleeping in the wilderness for a long time and had recently been attacked by something very big and vicious. His bright green eyes had dark circles underneath them and his face was drawn and pale. He wasn't very muscular, but he wasn't the scrawniest person I'd met either. He was a very strange boy, but perhaps the strangest thing about him was that I was almost positive I had seen him before.

I stared at him, at a loss for words. He had come as close as he could without being right on top of me, and I noticed that he was maybe a few inches taller than I was. I turned around, expecting to see him standing right behind me, but there was nothing there. In fact, the whole scenery had changed while I had been watching this strange new apparition. Instead of a dark hall filled with rows upon rows of glass, I now found myself in a room with blank white walls. I turned back to the boy. He was smiling expectantly at me and as I watched he reached his hand out invitingly, as if trying to bring me into his world. I glanced around the room again. There was no one here but me. I looked at his hand, trying to decide what I should do. It seemed to me that the only way to find out who he really was would be to . . . go inside the mirror itself.

I eyed it dubiously. It seemed pretty solid to me. Then again, not everything was as it seemed; I was living proof of that. I decided to risk it. Tentatively, I stretched out my hand expecting to meet cold glass again. I was wrong. My hand slid right through the mirror as if it were only water and his warm hand met mine. He smiled at me again and pulled on my arm with a little tug. I walked right through it and into his world.

I gazed around wordlessly. Everywhere I turned I saw gigantic trees, all casting ominous shadows on the ground. A fair distance away stood the ruins of what had once been a very grand castle. I gasped in surprise; I recognized this place. It seemed impossible, but I was standing in the Forbidden Forest at Hogwarts. I turned to the boy to question him, but he was gone. I looked around wildly for him and finally saw him a short distance away. He was looking at me with that same expectant look on his face, and for the first time I noticed the lightning scar on his forehead, only just visible through his hair. I started towards him when something that I saw out of the corner of my eye stopped me.

Another man had appeared from the depths of the forest, but this man was different. He was tall, bone white, and draped in a black hooded cloak. He had red snake-like eyes and two slits where his nose should have been. One long-fingered hand reached into the depths of his cloak and produced something that looked like a long smooth stick. Again I felt a flash of recognition; the object was a wand.

The man pointed the wand at the boy, and I realized what he was about to do a split second before he actually did it. I opened my mouth to try to warn him, but it was too late; a flash of green light had erupted from the wand and was speeding towards him. I screamed in horror as the green light hit him in the middle of his back, and everything went black.

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