Chapter Two

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I walk into the bathroom, locking the door behind me. I lean there for a second to just take in everything that happened in the past 10 minutes.

I thought this was going to be an uneventful summer before starting my freshman year of college.

Devon will make it interesting...

Catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I realise what a hot, sweaty mess I was.

Oh my god, this was my first impression?!

I turn the shower on and strip off my running clothes. I let down my hair out of its frizzy nest on top of my head.

Stepping in the shower, it takes a second to get use to the heat. I close my eyes and let the water run over my face.

Flashes of his face, his body, go through my mind. Even his voice. How can someone have an effect on me this quickly?

His hard body on mine. One of his hands has a grip on my hair, the other on my ass as he pushes me against the shower wall. I grip my hands in his wet hair and take his sexy, soft bottom lip between my teeth making him groan.

As these vivid thoughts run through my head, my hand makes its way down to my wet folds and my finger starts in slow circles.


I wrap my legs around him as he positions himself at my entrance. I feel the pressure of him . His tip teases my swollen clit as it slowly slides up and down.

My breathing increases as he sucks on my neck and makes his way down to my hard nipples. He lightly bites making me squirm. Please, I need you inside me now.

My finger is circling faster and faster as this intense feeling builds inside me.

He looks directly in my eyes and bites my lower lip at the same time thrusts inside of me, the full length of him filling me. My head whips back in ecstasy. It feels so good as he pulls back and thrusts back in.

It builds and builds until the feeling overflows and my body almost collapses as I come harder than I ever have.



I finish my shower feeling somewhat satisfied but even more confused.

How am I going to live in a house with this guy when I have to make myself come 15 minutes after meeting him?!

This is my brothers roommate. Things cannot get complicated and this needs to be handled in a mature way. I am 18 years old. I can handle this.

I wrap a towel around myself and brush my hair. Feeling refreshed, I look at myself in the mirror.

Self control, Liv. Self control.

I open the bathroom door intending to go directly to my room and ignore this "situation" but instantly I am face to face with a broad chest wearing a tight black T-shirt . I look up and Devon is staring at me with an incredibly intense look. His eyes are so dilated that they almost look black.

"What the hell are you doing? Spying on me while I take a shower?" I push past him and and walk down the hall to my bedroom door.
Just as I am about to turn the knob, his hand grabs my arm and I whip around.

He walks towards me until I cant walk any more. At this point, I become very aware I'm only wearing a towel.

His hands are on the wall above my head. I feel the heat of his body. I'm just about to ask what the hell he's doing and he bends down, puts his mouth near the base of my neck.

He breathes in as if he's trying to memorize my scent. His lips move up to my ear.

"The next time my name leaves those pretty lips, it will be ME making you come"

He pushes off the wall and walks away.

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