Chapter 15 - Yours Truly

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His eyes widened before he shook his head. “No, everything’s fine.”

Her brow rose, signaling she didn’t believe him, but she didn’t push him further. If he wanted to keep whatever it was a secret then she had no reason to not let him.

A hand settled on her shoulder and she turned back to Scott. “I know you can still see, but most of the people around here don’t. You’re starting to creep out a few of the kids. You look like you can see everything, which makes sense because you can, but to them you can’t because your eyes are closed. It might be best if you keep your eyes open while not at home.”

She sighed, knowing he was right. Of course he was right; he knew both worlds better than she did. Possibly better than she ever would.

She forced her eyes open.

The class started and she tuned the teacher out. She didn’t much care for school. She used to love it, mainly because it was her escape from her ‘parents’ but now she was away from them. She hadn’t seen them once since she had run away, but she knew everything was too good to be true. She knew soon something would happen and her peace would be disturbed. She knew someone would come and disrupt her simple life she was trying to put together.

Until then, she wanted to live in the moment. She wanted to live in the peace.

A soft hand grabbed hers and she jumped, taking her hand back. Her first instinct was to scold Toran, but she quickly remembered she wasn’t in Verden anymore.

She turned to her right and saw Scott there. He looked slightly hurt, but there wasn’t anything she could do about that. She hadn’t meant to hurt him by pulling her hand away, but maybe he shouldn’t have grabbed her hand in the first place when she was clearly not mentally there at that moment.

“Ashley, the class is over, are you coming to our next class, or just going to sit here in a daze all day?” His eyes shined with amusement as he pushed the pain away.

“I’ll come.” She grabbed her bag, momentarily wondering when she’d get the courage to read the letter, and followed Scott out of the room.

“What’s on your mind?”

She looked up from her untouched food to Julian across the table. His food was nearly gone, but she hadn’t even tried to take a bit of the pizza. Her stomach was twisting nervously as she tried to think of an excuse to get away from her ‘guard dogs’ for a moment to be able to read the letter.

She had finally gotten to get courage to read it, and managed to pull it out of her bag, when the bell signaling it was lunch time rang. If she didn’t read it soon she knew she wouldn’t read it.

“Nothing Jul, I just…” She trailed off. What could she tell him? “I just need some air. I’ll see you in math after lunch.”

He nodded slowly, glancing at her tray and then back up at her. “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” He smirked, knowing she would never do half the stuff he’d do.

She glanced around the lunch room. Scott still hadn’t shown up. “Where’s Scott?”

A knowing look appeared in Julian’s eyes, but he shrugged and went back to his nearly gone pizza.

She shook her head, grabbed her bag, and left the lunch room as quickly as she could without running.

Once she was in an almost empty hall, she pulled out the letter and read it.

Dear Ashley,

I’m a nervous wreck today

I’ve wanted so long to tell you who I was

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