1. Introduction

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I'm Ransom Kingston Knight Junior. But to the streets my father rules, I'm just King. At nineteen I'm already a junior in college, thanks to a lot of extra courses and my mother riding me to get an education. I remember when my father first agreed to let me in on his operation. My mother flipped the fuck out. She didn't talk to either of us for nearly two weeks. But I'm her oldest and favorite. So of course she had to speak. And she can't stay mad at Pops for very long. So she just suddenly spoke to him again.

My mother now had six kids. Me age nineteen, Marley and MJ age fifteen with a birthday around the corner, Arabella age thirteen, and a new set of twins. Avery and Adam age four. They were a surprise. And they prompted me to move out as soon as possible. Which I did. I live a few blocks away from my parents in a three bedroom, two and a half bath home. But its just me there. So I only furnished one bedroom. Mine.

Currently I sat in my Cadillac truck, a gift from Pops, watching the Alpha girls strolling in the courtyard. I wasn't really into the whole sorority and frat shit. But them girls was bad as fuck. The ones here was also some hoes. I'd fucked more sorority girls around this campus than non-sorority. Let's just say when it came to slanging dick I was just like my daddy and father. But don't worry. I stayed wrapped up. Mama would literally kill me if I knocked somebody up.

"King!! KING!!!"

I looked away from the girls to see my homie Jessie running up on my ride. Jessie was the kid I played with from down the street when I was a kid. He went by Jays though. Clown was the hoodest white person I ever met. And I spend a lot of time in the hood with the business I'm in.

"What up Jays," I called stepping out my truck. "The fuck you screaming my name like a groupie for?"

He huffed as he motioned for me to follow him and took off walking in the direction he'd just come running from. I followed and he kept smirking over his shoulder at me. Nigga acting weird as fuck. I felt my gun at the small of my back. I don't trust anybody outside of family. He stopped suddenly and pointed a few yards away to a silver Toyota Camry.

"New girl and she fucking bad!"

I watched as a petite female stood from leaning in the backseat with a backpack in her hands, that she swung over her shoulder. She flipped her brown hair from her face and I smiled. She was gorgeous. She looked around at the guys looking her way, missing Jays and I just barely.

I smirked as one of them Theta boys had his friend throw a football her way. He ran and caught it, taking the chance to speak to her. She rolled her eyes as she shut her car door and started walking, blowing off a few of the niggas approaching her.

Jays headed over and I shook my head. For one, I've never seen this chick around. She not finna hop on just because I'm King. She doesn't know me most likely. And two, she not being open to none of the guys approaching her. But Ima hang back and watch my boy strike out anyway.

"Excuse me," Jays called to her as he fell in stride next to her. "Can I get your name?"

She continued walking as she replied, "I don't have one. Bye."

I smirked.

"Well I'm Jays," he offered.

"That explains the all Jordan everything," she cracked in reference to his athletic gear.

"That's funny," he replied. "I saw you back there and-"

"You just had to get my name," she finished, cutting him off. "Let me save you some time Jays. I'm not lost. I virtually toured the campus before coming here. I'm not looking for friends. Really not interested in any parties happening this weekend. Don't like bitches, so won't be joining no stupid ass sororities. I don't want to hang out. Don't want to be your friend. I don't drink coffee, hot tea, lattes or anything else on the Starbucks menu down the block other than the Vanilla Bean Frappe. And no I don't want to get one with you sometime. I'm sure you probably cool. But I'm just here to go to class then get back home to my two year old daughter. Okay? Cool. Bye."

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