XLIII- Lake Party

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"It's a beer, it tastes nice, you'll like it," Greyson said, handing Indianna a bottle of beer.

"Greyson," Indianna said and raised her eyebrows at him. "I am shy and may have not gone to many parties in my life, but I happen to know what beer is."

"Right, yeah, course," Greyson nodded and Indianna rolled her eyes, taking a gulp from the bottle.

"Is Brooke coming?"

"Her and Harry are already there," Greyson said. "Kal and Ace are coming now." On cue, Kal and Ace exited the house, both with beers in their hands.

"You're all drinking," Indianna said and frowned. "Who's going to drive?"

"I am," Greyson shrugged and downed his beer.

"But you're drinking!"

Greyson smirked and opened the car door for Indianna. "So?"

"It's illegal."

"Sugar, we're werewolves, it takes a lot of alcohol to affect us. Our bodies burn off the effect of alcohol extremely quickly. Even if I was drunk, I'm a great drunk driver. Now let's go."

Indianna cautiously climbed into the car and took another sip of beer as the others got in and Greyson started the engine. He glanced at Indianna and smirked.

"Hold on tight."


"See, you're alive," Greyson said cheerfully as he opened the car door for Indianna once they had reached their destination.

"You ass!" Indianna snapped and hit Greyson's shoulder. "You purposely drove like a reckless idiot to scare me!"

"And why would I do that to my mate?" Greyson wondered and grinned.

"We could've died!"

"Stop being dramatic," Greyson laughed and kissed Indianna's cheek. "I would never let anything bad happen to you."

Indianna pursed her lips and Greyson chuckled. He had just spent the last 10 minutes breaking as many laws as he could on the road.

Indianna thought she was going to shit herself when they nearly crashed into a tree.

"I hate you," she mumbled and started to walk towards where she could hear music.

"Impossible," Greyson said smugly and Kal and Ace fell into step next to them as they made their way through the woods.

The party was at the lake in town. Apparently in the summer lake parties were very common. It was extremely busy when they arrived. People were laughing, drinking and swimming in the lake. Indianna spotted Harry just as he shoved Brooke into the lake. She stood up and glared at him, grabbing his arm and pulling him in with her.

Greyson wrapped an arm around Indianna and swiped the beer from her hand, taking a large gulp. "Thank you," he said and handed it back to her. "Let's go."


"To the lake," he shrugged and in one smooth motion he had taken his shirt off and thrown it on the ground. "I," Greyson whispered and grabbed Indianna's waist, pulling her towards him. "Want." Greyson played with the bottom of Indianna's vest top and smirked. "To," he said and slowly lifted Indianna's vest up until it was lying on the floor with Greyson's shirt. "Make," he said and slid his hands down to Indianna's shorts. "You wet," he said into her ear and pulled Indianna's shorts down, leaving her standing in her bikini.

Indianna swallowed and Greyson smirked, knowing that his words were turning Indianna on. "What do you say?" He wondered and softly kissed her on the lips.

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