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i used to think i was cool. 

+ i swear i probably almost have every single dolan twin/ethan dolan/ grayson dolan/cameron dolan imagine book sitting in my library right now. i was scrolling through the imagine books and so far i only needed to add two today. that says i have a lot. i skimmed through a LOT of pages just to find two xD

 i skimmed through a LOT of pages just to find two xD

my babies. 


grayson runs all the way to his twin brother's home, pounding frantically upon the brown oak door. ethan rubs his eyes as he opens up the door to see a sobbing grayson, grayson quickly throws his arms around around his neck. sobbing into his black tee shirt.

ethan pats his brother's back, asking him what was wrong and if he needed to call you.

grayson's heart swelled up even more, his breath coming uneven. his chest was heaving up and down. his voice was hoarse and rough as he tried to choke out his words. but, he couldn't.

ethan felt his own heart swell up with pain, as he watched his younger twin brother cry out in agony and pain and he didn't even know what to do.

you hang up the phone, tossing it onto the other side of the bed before plopping back. you rub your eyes, your eyes full of anger and sleep. you wanted to go to sleep so badly, but you couldn't sleep without your boyfriend by your side.

he was your personal teddy bear.

your phone vibrates once more, reaching out for the phone you check the contact name. you let out a loud scream of frustration before answering the call.

ethan takes grayson by the arm, guiding him towards his old bedroom. grayson plops unto the bed with navy blue bed sheets as he grabs a stuffed dolphin toy he used to sleep with every night. he pulls it to his chest, to keep himself company.

ethan's light pink lips curl up into a sad, small smile. he watches his best friend sob into his pillow his body shaking. but, he saw him calm down just a bit as he curled up into the childhood toy he still kept here.

"do you, do you want anything gray?" ethan asked him softly as he passed him a new sweater with the badge of hufflepuff from harry potter upon it. grayson sobbed, as he fight to take off his favorite sweater ; that you had gave him. but, is now covered in tear stains.

grayson struggled to get the new sweater on, as it was hard for him without his glasses. ethan finally took notice in that grayson was missing his glasses. and ethan swore in that second, that's what was upsetting grayson.

ethan swore grayson was upset because of his broken glasses, and you were at work or something.

that's what ethan had assumed as he told his brother he'd be right back, and he walked out of the house money in his pocket ready to buy his brother new glasses and maybe some snacks from the local pharmacy.

you bite the inside of your cheek, hearing him ramble to you over the phone. throwing your phone at the wall at this moment was tempting. but, you knew better to not throw it as you wouldn't have the money to replace it.

"darrel," you spoke to the man on the other line. trying to keep your voice as calm as you could. "i said i was sorry!"

he yelled at you over the phone, telling you how mad he was. you shook your head.

"i see you everyday! and, i'm sorry that grayson and i can't make it to your birthday party this upcoming wednesday night! i really am sorry!"

your voice was all of a sudden cracking, you hated when darrel was mad at you.

he let's out a sigh of disappointment, muttering a fine over the phone. you felt your heart drop to the pit of his stomach as he had mumbled something under his breath in which you had managed to hear ;

"no, please... you know i'm a good sister. i'm really sorry darrel, i really am sorry."

you had sobbed that line out over the phone before darrel hung up with a "fuck you". your body was racked with sobs as they struggled to get out passed your lips, and you swore your world had fallen apart more when a message from grayson had came threw ;

gray teddy bear 💗🐻 ; don't talk to me ever again, you meanie.


- but hey i say "meanie" too sometimes, it's usually when i'm lowkey heated and we can fix things. but, who cares about fixing this with me right? i'm just - eh. hannah. 

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