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      When Felicity was released from the Hospital Wing two days later, she was saddened to realize the first person she saw was Severus Snape.

      "Opal," he angrily stated as she was walking to the Great Hall from the Hospital Wing. "You missed the tutoring session yesterday. I know you don't understand simple spells, but being embarrassed isn't a good enough reason not to show."

      Felicity gave him a frown. "Severus, I have a headache and your voice is annoying me." He looked shocked at the statement, and she felt a twinge of pride for getting him to stop speaking. "And I was in the Hospital Wing for the past two days. I wasn't exactly allowed to leave."

      "I don't want to tutor you anymore than you want to be tutored by me, but Slughorn is counting on me to get your grade up."

      Felicity wondered if Severus ever smiled. "I don't know what you want me to say. Sorry I was hit with a Bludger?"

      He scowled. "Just show up at the library tomorrow. Six o'clock. I don't care if you're eating, you will be there."

      "God, why are you so angry all the time? I know Lily isn't speaking to you anymore, but can you blame her?"

      It was deathly silent as Snape grew closer and closer to Felicity. He was so close that their noses were almost touching. But not in a romantic way. In a very threatening way that Felicity thought was probably much more enjoyable than actually kissing him.

      "Don't you dare talk about Lily again."

      With that, he dramatically turned away and marched his way to the Slytherin common room. "What an absolute arse!" Felicity hissed underneath her breath. "How dare he? It's not my fault I was hit with a Bludger! If anything, he should blame the Ravenclaw beaters. They're the reason I'm in this predicament anyway!"

      "Do you often talk to yourself?" An amused voice asked from her left side.

      Felicity whirled around, spotting Remus easily and thinking that it was of course, her luck, that deemed it would be him standing there. She gave him an awkward smile, waving her fingers. "Not often. Just on days that end in Y."

     He let out a chuckle, his smile lighting up his face. "I had come down to ask if you wanted to me walk with you to breakfast, but when I showed up in the Hospital Wing, Pomfrey said you had left earlier this morning. How are you feeling?"

      "I feel fine," she responded. "The potion she gave me for the scabbing helped. It's still sore, but she said that was normal." Because she couldn't think of anything else to say, she started her Felicity rambling that she was sure Remus was used to. "Did you know that approximately four people each school year get hit with a Bludger? She said mine was one of the worst, since it was my face, but I thought it was a cool...fact." Stop talking. Stop talking right now.

      "I didn't know that," Remus said with his big smile. Felicity was sure looking at it would cure the side of her face. In fact, it could probably cure Dragon pox if he smiled big enough. 

      "Well, it's nice to know things."

      They walked in silence for a few moments longer before Felicity heard the telltale sign of paper falling onto the ground. When she looked over at Remus, he was wide-eyed and patting his pockets. A single piece of crumpled paper rested on the ground. Felicity raised a brow, bending down to pick it up for him.

      "N-no, please don't... don't read that, Felicity. It's so stupid...."



      Felicity felt her heart drop. She remembered Sirius and James commenting on the fact that they thought Remus had his eye on someone, but seeing it written out on a piece of paper made it all the more real. She tried to control the tears threatening to well in her eyes. You're being stupid, she chided herself. It's not like the two of you were together.

      But in her eyes, they were going to be. There was no one else but Remus. There never had been. Knowing that there was someone else for him made her want to curl in a ball on her bed.

      "So," she said softly, reading the steps his three friends had written out. "You fancy someone in our Potions class, then?"

      It was probably Emmeline Vance. Or even Dorcas Meadowes. Both were pretty brunettes in Gryffindor with Remus. Much more beautiful and funny than the girl who was known for flinging bogeys on McGonagall. 

      "Er...yeah," Remus said awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck. "Well, I think I fancy her. We haven't known each other long. Well, we knew each other before but we weren't really friends."

      "She sounds lovely." Looking back down at the sheet of parchment, her nose crinkled. "Forgive me for correcting your friends, but this is no way to get her to fancy you back."

      "It isn't? What would you suggest?"

      Felicity gave him a sad smile. "Well, all of these are things Sirius and James would do. They don't really scream Remus to me." Handing the parchment back to him, she sighed. "Be yourself. I think you're pretty awesome."

      He gave her a shy smile. "Thanks, Felicity."

      She nodded, simultaneously trying not to cry. As she turned, she had to bite her lips to keep a sob from escaping. She was almost to the main entrance of the Great Hall when Remus called her name once more. She quickly wiped underneath her eyes before turning around.

      "Would you help me? I really don't know how to get a girl to fancy me. I figure having a girl give me advice might help my chances."

      She wanted to tell him no. She wanted to scream that he should go get someone else to give him advice, because he was obviously hopeless if he couldn't see how much he was hurting her. But she had never been able to say no to Remus, which was the worst feeling in the world.

      "Sure," she replied, giving him a final smile before opening the door to the Great Hall and heading to the Hufflepuff table. Lanelle and Johanna were sitting, reading something from The Daily Prophet as they munched on their breakfasts. When Lanelle saw the look on her face, her smile dropped.

      "What is it?"

      "Nothing," Felicity replied. "It's stupid."

      Lanelle didn't have any of that. She wanted answers. She liked solving problems, and she couldn't solve this one if she didn't know what was going on. "Flick-"

      "Remus fancies someone else, okay? He fancies someone else and she's probably perfect and isn't failing Potions and didn't just get hit in the face with a Bludger. And they're probably going to get married and Remus Jr.'s and whatever her name is Jr.'s." Felicity slumped down in her seat, her head falling onto the table with a loud thud. It hurt. Badly. "And for the love of Merlin, don't call me that."

      She had a bruise on her forehead when she woke up the next morning. But it was nothing compared to the bruise on her heart.

      (Which she relayed to Lanelle, who said she was overreacting. And even though Felicity knew it was true, she still needed to send out applications for a new best friend.)

oh flick he fancies you, you idiot

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