Part three: I can't give you everything you need

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Two years later...

We laid together in the living room of the Matsuno Household all alone. His brothers and parents were out celebrating Choromatsu's success in life, he'd gotten a job offer in America about a week ago.
"Don't you think we should of gone and celebrated with them too?" I asked.
Osomatsu hugged me tightly, hiding his face in my hair, " was best that we didn't go. You know how Choromatsu acts when he sees us..."
"I always feel guilty...ever since we started dating, you two don't get along anymore and you two were pretty close."
"Don't feel guilty babe. I think I'd do the same thing if he would of won your heart. What I that I can't give you everything you need. If you would of chose Choromatsu, you would be there by his side, going to another country, having a successful life with him. I told you that I wouldn't be able to give you what you deserved. You should of chose him."
I turned around and made him look at me, "Stop saying that. I don't care about money and all those things. I don't care if you're a NEET. I love you for who you are, not for what you have."
"But I hate that you're the one who has to work, while I'm still living with my parents. It's not right."
"Darling, you're trying your best to find a job so it's okay. I have your love and that's all that matters."
My phone began to vibrate, so I got up and checked what it was. "D-Damn..."
"What's wrong?"
"I got called in. Apparently someone didn't show up and they really need me."
"Ah. It's so stupid that they always call you when they need help."
"I am the best worker. Heh. Okay I'll see you later tonight hon. You have fun with whatever you want."
Osomatsu turned his back to me still laying down, "Okay. Have fun."
I walked to him and got on my knees, "Honey...Come on don't be like that."
He didn't move or say a word.
I sighed, "Here," I placed some money on the ground next to him, "Go play Pachinko or something. Try to distract yourself, alright? I love you, Osomachu."
He looked up at my face and gave me a toothy grin, "I love you too, (Y/N)."
I placed down a charm next to the stack of cash, "Maybe today will be your lucky day. I'll text you tonight after work."

Osomatsu's POV

"She finally left...I hate her seeing me like this," I said while laying on my back, "She seriously could of had a better life with Choromatsu...I promised her I was going to get a job for us...that way we could live together in an apartment at least."
I looked at the stack of cash (Y/N) had left, "Maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket or play Pachinko...maybe today is my lucky day." I said while holding up the charm (Y/N) had left, "I should be getting her a ring by now...Ah...why do I feel so damn useless?!"
I got up and as I was about to walk out the door, I met with Choromatsu.
"Congratulations little brother on getting that job."
"T-Thanks," he looked away, "How are things with (Y/N)?"
"Things are going great."
"Is that so? That's good to hear."
I tired to walk out the door but Choromatsu stopped me by suddenly saying, "Are you always going to make her work?"
I looked back at him, "I've been trying my best to find a job."
"Doesn't look like it. (Y/N) would of been happier with me."
I tried to hold back from punching him in the face, so instead I just walked out and left him there yelling my name, trying to get my attention.
"Dumbass..." I said in my head, "Don't you think I know that? She would of probably been happier with you..."
I stopped in the middle of the street and tears began falling down my cheeks, "She doesn't deserve this. She deserve something better...please god, give me luck. Help me make (Y/N) happy."
I walked into the city and noticed the Jewelry shop, there were beautiful engagements rings that I know (Y/N) would love.
"Hey you. Are you in need of cash?"
I turned around and saw a man, "Y-Yeah."
"Why don't you buy one of our lottery tickets? You could win big cash!"
"A Lottery ticket?"
"Yeah! Just buy a ticket, scratch, and win some cash!"
I looked at my hand which I was holding the charm, "Alright. I'll buy some!"

Later... (Original POV)

I took out out my phone and send a text to Oso, "Hey darling I'm going home now. I'll come by your house tomorrow. I love you."
I closed my phone and sighed, "Hopefully soon I can get enough cash so we can live together. I want to wake up every morning with him by my side."
My phone began vibrating, it was Osomatsu calling me, "Hello?"
"(Y/N)! I want you to come to this address. Do you have anywhere to write down?"
"Y-Yeah. Why though?"
"Just come to this address."
"A-Alright. Are you doing well?"
"Yes I'm fine love. I love you so much!"
I giggled, "I love you more!"
I looked at the address and began making my way to it. What could he want and why this place? Who's house was this? So many questions came to my mind that the walk seemed really short. I arrived at the place, it was an apartment, it looked luxurious.
"Could this hatabou's apartment or something like that? Only he could afford something like this."
I knocked on the door and Osomatsu opened up, he had a tuxedo on. Looking more handsome than usual.
He gave me a toothy grin, "Welcome home darling!"
He pulled me inside making me get super close to him, "From now on baby, it's just the two of us in this beautiful apartment."
"W-Who did you kill?"
Osomatsu laughed, "I didn't kill anyone. I won the lottery! You were right, today was my lucky day!"
"In one day you went to buy all this? How?"
"I had help from Karamatsu and Todomatsu. Ichimatsu and Jyushimatsu should be arriving along with them in a bit."
I smiled, "Are we going to celebrate your success?"
He picked me up bridal style, "Yes, but that won't be the only thing. We have to celebrate Choromatsu's success and also one more thing~!"
"One more thing?"
"Yes. I have a special thing for you tonight~! But first, I hear Kara, Totty, Ichi, Jyushi. They must of arrived with the surprise."
We both went outside. The four of them came driving my dream car while Oso had the same model but in the color red.
"Tada! I got your dream car!"
"W-What why? You should of-"
"Don't say anything else. I got you this to show you how much I love you."
"B-but Oso I don't need all this for you to prove me your love."
Osomatsu rubbed his finger under his nose, "Yeah but my princess deserves to be spoiled after all her hard work."
We all walked inside and celebrated. All eight of us, but there was one didn't show up and probably it was for the best. I didn't expect this night to end up like this but I'm glad it did.
Osomatsu got up and got everyone's attention, "Alright, that's enough celebrating my success right? I'm a huge legend now, but I couldn't gotten this far without the love of my life. So now I have a huge announcement to make. (Y/N) please come over here."
I got up and walked to him, "What is it?"
He grabbed my hands and looked at me directly in the eyes, "(Y/N), you have been here in good and bad times and loved me even when I hated myself. You've been the most loyal and most amazing girlfriend in the universe. There's nobody like you at all, you are a unique girl that I'm so damn lucky to have by my side. I love you more than I love money and betting, I love you more than anything in this universe," he got on one knee and pulled out a ring, "(Y/N) (L/N) will you marry me and make me the happiest man in the universe?"
I stood there in shock while he gave me his sweet toothy grin, "O-Osomatsu...Yes! Of course I will!"
He placed the ring on my finger and kissed it, "I told you didn't I? From now on we'll always be together."
Tears began rolling down my eyes, "Y-Yeah."
Karmatsu got in between us and lifted his glass in the air, "To the newest member of our family (Y/N) (L/N)- no (Y/N) Matsuno!!"
Everyone lifted their glasses up and yelled, "(Y/N) Matsuno!!"

Choromatsu POV:

I was about to knock on the door when I heard Karamatsu yelling (Y/N)'s name with our last name.
"Looks like he asked her the question," I looked up and sighed, "I should of never came...(Y/N)...this is what I get for not realizing sooner..."

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