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Celebrity Interview: Chapter Twenty-Five: The Prank

Niall held his hand behind him so I could still hold his hand as we both walked down the stairs of the tour bus.

He kept our fingers intertwined even as we passed the gates with fans behind them, stopping to take a few pictures before continuing on.
We were on a mission.

When we woke up this morning in Burmingham, we had realized that no one had pranked anyone yet, so we set off to change that.

As we entered the building, Wanda immediately spotted us, and waved us over.

“Here’s the hand creme you asked for. Do I want to know why  you need seven bottles of it?”
I shook my head. “Probably not.”
She sighed. “Well, have fun and try not to hurt anyone too bad.”
Niall snickered and the despair on her face increased.
I placed my free hand on her shoulder, then released it and took the bag from her outstretched hand. “Come on, Wanda. Nothing bad is going to happen.”
She laughed. “Funny how I don’t believe you when you are holding seven bottles on hand creme in your hand.”

I shrugged. “In that case, you’ll just have to see what we have planned.”
She shook her head and slunk off.

“Okay, so you can make the alarm system go off when they walk in, right?” I asked Kevin Benson*.
He waved me off. “I got this.”
I put my hands in an I surrender gesture and backed away to help Niall with the hand creme. Sure, it would have been less expensive to buy oil or something, but I wanted to give the boys the luxury they deserved. After all, they were international popstars.

I snorted unladylike when the bottle made what resembled to be a farting noise as the contents inside reached its end.

Niall looked at me with a raised eyebrow. “Really?”
Keeping eye contact with me, he squirted the bottle again and we began to howl with laughter at the sound that came from it again.
“Done!” Kevin yelled from the front of the long room.

We had made our base in a long room with no real purpose other than housing the rec room. There was a tennis net, but that was all that was there, and we could utilize that anyways. Plus, it’s not like we could pull this in the arena where everyone could see it. Josh, Dan, Sandy and Jon would likely tell them unless there was some prank that we hadn’t been told about.

“Are you ready?” I whispered as my blowhorn was held in the air. Kevin, who was our cameraman for the time being, and Niall, who was the one who would likely laugh the hardest, both nodded and I braced myself before letting a loud stream of nonsense out of the blow horn high above my head.

Harry was the first one through the door, thus the first one whose butt smashed on the floor as soon as his bare feet landed on the hand creme. Next was Liam, then Zayn, and Louis. All of their reactions were completely hilarious; the wide-eyed shriek from Harry was the best by far though.

They flew through the room with arms flailing and Liam and Louis ended up falling before they even got to the tennis net. Harry and Zayn, though, made it to the tennis net at around the same time and both slammed into it.

Niall and I were quite literally rolling on the floor laughing at this point and they all got up and gave us a glare, not noticing right away that their entire bodies were covered in hand creme. Then they walked towards us and the trigger was pulled. Harry ended up falling again as the weight of the glitter fell on top of them and Louis was laughing at the sight before he too fell as Zayn knocked into him on the way down.

I gave Kevin the signal to stop recording and grabbed my phone, going to YouTube and trying to upload it before they realized what I was doing and got up.

This was going to make for a great video.

*Kevin Benson was a stagehand who died in May of this year while working on One Direction’s stage. He died on a Sunday in Liverpool, and I thought it was fitting to incorporate him into this story even if he was a stagehand and not a sound engineer.

Little Me by Little Mix. By the new album Salute (shameless promotion), out now!

Basically it’s what I imagine every single practice to be. And I laugh when I think about it.

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