Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

 (The Lovely Reese Witherspoon as Bethany------>)

 Inside I was hyperventilating but on the outside I was struggling to maintain a calm and unaffected facade. We made it through the swiveling doors onto the sidewalk outside, and I saw Cassie and Kim standing there about to get into a cab that was parked in front of a sleek, black Rolls Royce Phantom. I assumed was Mr. Roche's, because a driver opened the door and greeted him the instant he made an appearance on the sidewalk.

 Out of the corner of my eye I watched as they gawked as our little party proceeded to the car and Beth slid into the vehicle. I felt tingles shoot up my spine as he placed a large warm hand on the small of my back urging me into the car. I quickly climbed into the car in order to get away from the searing contact of his touch. He slid in gracefully and took a seat right next to me and his driver made his way around the hood of the car and got in behind the wheel.

  Mr. Roche told his driver the name of a popular high end Italian Restaurant and we were off. The movement of the car merging with traffic caused my thigh to brush against his and I felt those tingles again. And I thought heard a small groan escape his lips, maybe my mind playing tricks on me or could he be as similarly affected as I am by our contact also.

 That little devil popped up and sat on my shoulder and just grinned, whispering for me to give in to temptation. But I mentally flicked him from my shoulder, no need to get my hopes up. A man like him could never be interested in a little nobody like me. Mentally kicking myself, I just sat back and took in the luxurious splendor of the interior of the car trying anything not to stare at his perfection while Beth prattled on to Mr. Roche about some Advertisement or the other. In reality I wasn't paying attention to anything she said. I was busy quietly inhaling in his scent. It was so damn alluring and sexy, just like the man himself. He smelled like fresh washed linen and sin, simply mouthwatering. I discreetly ran a hand over my mouth to make sure I wasn't in fact drooling.

 It didn't take long even in downtown traffic to reach our destination. As soon as our car pulled up to the curb someone was there to open the door. Mr. Roche got out first and put his hand out to Beth to help her from the car. I scooted out directly after her. We were ushered inside when the Hostess greeted him by name and showed us to a discreet booth inside towards the back of the opulent eatery. After handing us our menus with a flourish she quietly disappeared.

"So Corey, how is your first day going too far? What do you think of your team?" Beth asked as she shook out her napkin to lay it across her lap.

 I willed my blush away, I could feel it trying to make itself known just as I could feel those ice cold gray eyes zone in directly on my face. "Um...its been eventful so far. I was introduced to my team and I had gotten a feel of how the creative process works."

"And what do you think of the process?" His sexy deep voice washed over me as he asked the question. I raised my eyes to look over at him and my breath once again caught in my throat. (Damn, I just wanted to climb his luscious body and lick him. Shit, come on Corey breathe!) After a full minute of berating myself, I was able to finally answer, "It was very interesting Sir, I must say, everyone had something to add and everything just came together, it was fascinating to see, even with the minor bickering everyone was happy in the end especially Mr. White.

 "Well that’s good; Mr. Roche here is very into being aware of all aspects of the process from inception of the ideas, to bringing them to the actual advertisement, and marketing them." Bethany informed me. I managed to drag my gaze away from him; it was like he was a magnet or something. I nodded at her and she smiled at me with a knowing look. She as well as Joe knew what my sexual preferences were, and I think that with all of my nervous chatter and fidgeting I was giving myself and my feelings concerning our boss away to her.

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