Chapter 8

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Jerome's Pov

I had stepped out of the camp for a second. I smelled something good. I walked till the smell disappeared. "Where did that go?" I thought aloud while looking around. I started to hear something. It gave me a headache whatever it was. My headache started to grow and grow. It kept going until I was forced to sit down. I gripped my head and hoped it would go away. "What's going on?" I asked myself. Black stops started to cloud my vision. They kept getting bigger till I passed out.

I woke up in a black space. I stood up and looked around. I saw something on the floor not too fare away from me. It was sleeping. It seemed to have a pelt of brown fur. 'Is it a wolf?'

"I am not a wolf." It answered. It talked english and it sounded like me.

"W-who are you?" I asked. My voice seemed to echo in this place.

It stood up. It was wearing clothes similar to mine. "I'm you." It said. "To be spot on I'm your bacca side."

"Bacca side?" I questioned.

"Remember we used to be best friends growing up. Nobody else was able to see me. I used to do fun little things like turn your hair dark brown and even change your eye color just by touching you." It said walking toward me. "I was your best friend till you went to see that therapist. They made you believe I wasn't real and you locked me up. For how long? I don't exactly know. All I know is that you've changed so much. Now Jerome, I want out. Simple as that. I don't care how long I just want a chance to be free."

"I'm sorry but I don't remember you." I said.

"Do you remember 4th grade?" He asked. He was right in-front of me now. "Your teacher was yelling at you for talking to yourself when all of a sudden you smiled. She backed up in fright and you were sent to the nurse for no reason."

"I remember that." I said. "I never figured out why though."

"I gave you my smile." He said. "I was fading at that time and I couldn't move objects anymore. I could only chance you at times. I was about to fade for good. I just wanted to see you be happy one last time so I gave you my smile. I can see that you still have it."

"So are you like my subconscious or are you a different person or what's going on?" I asked.

"I'm part you and part a different person." He said. "Your ancestor to be correct. I'm not limited to what you know but I am limited to what I can do."

"How do I get you out?" I asked.

"Simple. You just take my hand." He said reaching his hand out. "After that you can see me and call upon my power and strength. That is if you're ready."

"I'm sorry but I don't think I am." I said. "It's just so confusing."

"Okay then. I'll wait." He replied.

"How will I get back here?" I asked.

"This is just your mind. You come back here when you sleep." He explained. "I guess I'll see you tonight Jerome." He flicked my forehead and everything went black.

I woke up in cold sweat. I looked and my hands. They were normal. I sighed in relief. "Was that real?" I thought aloud.

A small piece of paper blew by. It stopped in-front of me. I picked it up. It very much was.

Huskey's Pov

I was in human form right now. I still had spots of blue in my hair though. I looked over at Mudkipz. That's what I call him anyway. He was taking a nap. I know it wears him out when I use that form for a while. 'Rest up Mudkipz. You deserve it.' I looked over at SB. She was chewing on the bandages again. "How many times have I told you, your wound won't heal faster if you keep chewing on the bandages." I said.

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