Part two: Why are you choosing me?

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Still Osomatsu's POV:

"Where are you going?!" I yelled.
Choromatsu was putting on some shoes, "Going to confess my love to (Y/N)."
"She's not going to accept you, get that in your head. You lost Choromatsu! Learn to accept that."
"I haven't lost until I hear her say that she doesn't love me!"
"Stop! You're going to-"
"Why are you so nervous, Osomatsu-niisan?"
"Oh I see now. You're not so sure about (Y/N)'s feelings. You're afraid that if I go confess to her, she'll accept me. Aren't you?"
"Of course I'm not! I know (Y/N) will choose me!"
"We'll see about that."

Original POV:

I laid in bed, hugging my pillow. I was confused...more confused than ever. Choromatsu was in my heart, but Osomatsu was trying to break that feeling. I really did want to give Osomatsu a chance, but after seeing Choromatsu cry like that...I-I didn't know if I wanted to. I don't want to hurt anyone, especially one of them. They're both precious boys...hell all the sextuplets are but Osomatsu and Choromatsu were...the most special.
"(Y/N)! Someone's here to see you!" My (parent/guardian) yelled.
"C-Coming!" I wonder who it could be at this hour. Wait maybe it could be Osomatsu! He did say he wanted to come talk to me.
I walked down stairs and noticed Choromatsu and Osomatsu standing there. What the hell did both of them want?
"Osomatsu, Choromatsu? W-What are you doing here?"
"(Y/N)! I-I have s-something t-to tell you!" Choromatsu yelled.
"U-Uh what is it?" My heart began pounding, you could almost hear it with the silence that was build up.
"I-I lo-love you, (Y/N)!" He yelled and bowed, "P-Please tell me h-how you feel!"
I looked at him, half of my heart wanted to yell out that I loved him too, but the other half wanted to say no. I turned to Osomatsu who had a worried look on his face. His words repeated in my head.
Osomatsu gave a soft 'heh' turned around and began walking away. Making it look like he lost the battle, but it wasn't over yet. He was giving up fairly quick.
I closed my eyes and smiled, "I always believed that someday you would realize my feelings for you, even though you were too blind to see. I had faith everyday that you'd wake up one morning, come to me and say 'I love you, (Y/N) and only you' but...I never imagined you'd realize it too late...I'm sorry Choromatsu, but I can't accept your feelings..."
"B-But (Y/N)! P-Please give me a chance! I-I know I didn't realize it sooner, but I can make it up to you! I-I'll give you all the love I didn't give to you!"
I grabbed my shoes and put them on, "I'm sorry Choromatsu. I really am, but I'm going to go after Osomatsu!"
I patted his shoulder and began running, trying to keep up with Osomatsu, but he was no where in sight.
"Osomatsu!" I yelled while I ran all over the city.
If he thought he lost, there could be only one place he'd go to, "Chibita's!"
I ran faster, trying to find a short cut. I ran through an alley, that took me directly to where I wanted to be. "Please. Please be there! I need to see you!" I thought to myself.
I arrived at the park near Chibita's and saw Osomatsu walking. I ran and finally got in front of him.
He looked up, "(Y/N)? W-What are you doing here?"
I stood in front of him, looking down trying my best to catch my breath, "Os-Osomatsu...I-I love you!"
He stood there in silence until I finally looked up at him and repeated it, "I love you, Osomatsu Matsuno. I want you and no one else. Y-You're the only one for me!"
"W-What about Choromatsu?"
I shook my head, "I rejected him. I told you, I don't want anyone else. I only want you!"
"You chose me over him? W-Why? Why are you choosing me? He could actually be successful and give you a better life than I could ever."
I walked to him and hugged him tightly, "I don't care if he could give me a better life. I just want you. Only you!"
He hugged me back and kissed the top of my head, "I love you, (Y/N) and I promise you, that I'll make you the happiest girl ever! I'll try to give you everything that you want and need! I-I'll even try to find a job for you, that way we can live together forever."
I looked up at him, "Y-You'd do all that for me?"
"Of course I will. If we date, I want it to be serious. My goal will be to marry you and make you (Y/N) Matsuno."
I closed my eyes and put my lips together, asking for a kiss. He grabbed my cheek and leaned in to kiss me.
"Will you be my girlfriend, (Y/N)?"
"Of course I'll be your girlfriend, Osomatsu,"
"Yes! Yes! Yes! Let's go celebrate at Chibita's!" He yelled and jumped up and down.
"O-Okay! B-But I forgot my wallet back at my house."
"Don't worry it's on me!"
"You barely have enough to pay for your tab." I laughed.
"Chibita will understand. Come on, let's go together. From now on it will be just the two of us." He held out his hand.
I grabbed his hand and smiled, "O-Okay!"

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