Aislinn's POV

Niall led me inside to this fancy restaurant. I was trailing behind him.A tattoo was peaking out of his collar at the back of his neck. I couldn't help but touch it. My fingertips brushed the tattoo as I felt Niall's skin grow cold. There were goosbumps on his skin.

I smiled knowing the effect I have on him. I put my hand down, letting it fall limp at my sides. I looked at Niall, frozen in his spot. I took a step so I was standing beside him. I grasped his large hand in mine and looked up at him.

I grinned at hiim. He grinned back and we walked to the reception.

"Reservation for Payne." He told the man standing behind the desk.

"This way sir," the man led us to a table at the back where it's less crowded.

Being the gentleman he is, Niall held the chair for me as I sat down. I smiled at him as he took a seat on the opposite form me.

"So how have you been?" I said. Believe me, I am the queen of awkwardness. (Sooo true!)

"Things have been going good. I am just very happy." he answered.


Awkward silence

"So umm, Ais why were you crying the other day." he asked breaking the silence.

"Uhh.." The horrid memories washed through my head. Reliving the moment. Jessica lying down on the bed naked while a naked Kyle lied on top of her, sucking her face off.

"Aislinn? I didn't mean to make you cry. I'm sorry," Niall gushed out.

"No it's okay. I was crying the other day because....."

"Because?" Niall made a really cute confused face.

"I-I-I uhh c-c-caught K-K-Kyle cheating on me with Jessica."

I looked at my hands that were neatly folded on my lap. I felt ashamed for some reason.

"Aisl-" Niall was about to say something when the waiter arrived with the menu. I hastily wiped the tears away, careful not to smudge my make up.

"Would you like anything to drink beautiful?" The waiter asked me. I didn't blush or anything, I just brushed off the last part of the sentence.

"Umm.. I would like the... Oreo Milkshake!" I said looking from the milkshake section at the menu.

Seriously who has milkshakes in a fancy restaurant? This restaurant is certainly different.

"What would you like?" The waiter asked Niall.

"I will take a,,,,,, I don't know what to take!" Niall exclaimed wailing his hands around at the end.

"Just fucking choose already. Hurry up, I wanna fuck the chick." The waiter said under his breath. I don't think Niall heard it cause he didn't react.

"Umm, I'll take the caramel mint smoothie." They have smoothies?

The waiter wrote the orders and walked away, giving me a wink as he passed.

I was starting to get a bad feeling in my gut. Like someone was watching us. I don't know, the feeling is weird. But I brushed it of, thinking it was nothing.


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