This story contains lots of actions and violent scenes. Harsh words and killing. It's going to be sad and might make your angry at some part. There will be some mature scenes, but not many. I hope you guys are going to like this story! Please vote and comment! Oh! And it does have some romance, but not the mushy kind.




          Jean picked up her four year old daughter and ran down the ally way. She needs to get home quickly before they catch her. She knew it was a mistake to work over time since she forgot about her poor baby girl at the baby sitter house…again.

            She put her daughter, Serenity, on her right hip as she put her hand on her gun that was on it gun pocket on her side just in case.

            “Mommy, what’s going on?”, Serenity asked and Jean saw the fear in her eyes.

            “Shh. Just put your head down.”, she ordered her daughter and Serenity whimpered, but did as her mother side and put her hand in the crock of her neck.

            They finally to the apartment, but when she ran in, she saw them. Her eyes widen and she gasp. They haven’t noticed her yet since they were way down the hallway, so she quickly went the other way by going out of the apartment and to go into the back.

            Jean kept cursing Anthony name in her head and how he got her in this mess. Her old job—it was something like CIA, but for vampires. From thitreen, she was train to become an assassin from the time she was seventeen. She has killed the night creatures which the world didn’t know of. She has made way to many enemies for a life time.

            When she was twenty-two, she met him—James Cameron. He was perfect, well, so she thought. She gave up everything for him; her career and yes, Anthony, her best friend. He was an ass who lied to her and left after she got pregnant with Serenity, but she doesn’t regret her baby girl. Serenity means everything to her.

            Jean has had it hard to kept herself on a low run, keeping herself from the enemies. She doesn’t want Serenity to have this kind of life. Serenity doesn’t deserve this kind of life.

            Alistair boys are here though, ready to try and take her down—again. Alistair is a very powerful vampire who run New York and a few years back, Jean killed his brother after attacking fourteen year old girl and tried to make her into a blood whore.

            “Hey cute face.”, she heard behind her and she froze. She was in the alleyway of her apartment building. She gulped and turned around to see his boys there grinning at her. They looked at her baby and grin wider, “Oh, Jeanie, she’s very pretty.”,

            Jean grabbed her gun and aimed at them, “Come anywhere near me and watch—put your head down!”, she yelled to Serenity when she felt her daughter lift her head. She doesn’t her to see this.

            Jean felt her Serenity tears on her bare shoulder and it was killing her. She knew she shouldn’t look away from the bloodsucker, but she couldn’t stop the motherly instance to look down her baby who was crying.

            When she looked up, she cursed out loud when she saw they were gone. She needed to get out of here quickly and get Serenity protect. She ran down the ally way and into the building. She kept looking around just in case. She quickly went up to the elevator and anxiously waiting for the doors the doors to open.