You painted my life

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Both of us were busy cuddling when the bell rang. I asked Kabir to get down while I would change and accompany him since I was in his hoodie. As soon as he left the room I washed my face and secured my hair in a messy bun. I got dressed quickly in a sleeveless white printed tunic with a black leggings

I descended downstairs only to find almost of my family crying while Kabir looked at them helplessly

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I descended downstairs only to find almost of my family crying while Kabir looked at them helplessly. 
"What's wrong?" I asked all of them, instantly everyone looked up at me. Kashish was the first one to come running to me. She hugged me and started sobbing. "I missed you Bhabhi. I missed you so much." She cried in my arms. I looked up at Kabir and he gave me a knowing smile.
"Kashish, baby look everything is fine. Okay now no more crying." I said breaking the hug and wiping her tears.
"No more crying guys!" I warned all of them and they nodded with a smile hugging me one by one but both the dumb ass. Zayn and Abhi were still lost. I knew what they were going through. Zayn was the one who found me in my vulnerable state while Abhi was all the while trying to stay strong and treat me. Since both of them were sitting next to each other I just knelt in front of them in between. I said nothing just kept on looking at them and as expected Zayn got irritated.
"Don't you dare do that to us again." He warned and I nodded positively.
Abhi was still adamant and got up walking away from me but me being me I kept following him. Finally he gave up suddenly turning around and pulling me in a brotherly hug.
"Next time I better not find your sorry ass on the hospital bed." He warned.
After which all of us settled down in the living area where in a while Aryan and Arjun joined us. As soon as Arjun saw me he dropped his bag and cane running to me. He hugged me while I decided to tease him.
"My vulnerable state proved to be quite beneficial for you huh.!" I said breaking the hug and eyeing towards Kashish.
"I don't want such benefits Di." He answered getting emotional.
"Oh my God you need to stop hanging out with Kavya and Kashish, you are getting way too emotional." I joked winking at him while he let out a chuckle as Kavya and Kashish pouted. Pulling me out of Arjun's grip Aryan side hugged me while I elbowed him on his stomach giving him a narrow eyed look, making him wince and Kabir laugh. The others looked confused.
"What I missed you too." He explained.

"Yeah! That is the reason you shouted at me yesterday." I reminded him. This seemed to be a new revelation for Kabir too since he grew serious and shocked since for the the first time Aryan Saxena shouted on his Princess that too for his best friend okay okay I get it for me. But still.

"I'll check up on the snacks." I announced excusing myself from everyone. As I reached the kitchen I heard a guitar being tuned. I looked back only to find my brother folding up his sleeves, handing his blazer to Tara who smiled after a lot of days finally. He took the guitar from Kabir and started lip syncing the song Kabir played on the speaker, he knew I had a soft corner for.
I wasn't angry anymore but being the brat I was I enjoyed attention especially if it was from my brother.

"Jab se merii aankhon se ho gayi tu door
Tab se sare jeevan ke sapane hain choor
Ankho me neendna man me chaina na hai
Ek hazaaron mein meri behena hai
Saari, umar, hamen sang rehana haI

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