An Unwanted Meeting Part 24

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23rd September 2016 All Rights Reserved.

Not Edited.

Knox's POV...

Watching the kid walk out of the room as I rolled over onto my back was not how I was expecting my day to go I thought with a groan.

Damn, but that hurt and I should have realised that she acts to protect herself very well.

I was certainly not expecting that to happen.

I should have realised that the kid would not take me telling her what I did earlier without some kind of reprisal. What I didn't expect was for her to come looking for me and finding me with a wife she didn't know I had.

At least she didn't know about Patricia before now. I had met Patty on one of the assignments just before the assignment that lead me to meeting the kid. Patty was the daughter of one of the men we had gone in to rescue when their team of conservationists had been kidnapped.

Patty had taken a shine to me for some reason and after a while, I began to think ofher as something more which lead us to marrying. Of course I had met the kid by this time and I allowed this situation to develop, ignoring the fact that I had married Patty after we came back.

Thinking of Patty, I slowy sat up wth a groan after having the kid throw me to the floor as she did in one of those defensive moves I have seen her make when she had been fighting her brother.

Hearing Patty quietly sobbing as she sat across the room from me with The Preachers wife, Marion consoling her as well as Dane's wife Sue who was sitting on her other side.

I stood up and ignored everyone else and walked over to Patty to stand before he waiting for her to look up at me. But when she didn't move, I squatted down so that she could see me in frontof her.

" Patty." I quietly call her name which had her jerking back from me with her head lifting, giving me a horrible glare that looked odd with the tears rolling down her face.

" Patty, I want.." I started to speak to her but feeling her hand connect with the side of my face cut the words off that I wanted to say.

" How long have you been having an affair with that woman?" She snapped at me once I was looking back at her.

" I haven't been having an affair with her at all." I said back to her clearing that little bit of information up.

" Really, she miraculously got herself pregnant a couple of times all on her own, did she?" Patty spat out at me in a sarcastic tone of voice.

It wasn't until she mentioned the word pregnant that I remembered that the kid had also said that she was pregnant.. a couple of times. In fact, I think she said she was actually pregnant right now.

Oh shit.

" Well guess what, Johnathon. I'm pregnant too." Patty went on to scream at me which really threw me a loop.

"What? What did you say?" I asked her as I looked at her in a daze.

" Obviously, I wanted to be the one that gave you your first child, but obviously you decided to diddle with some damn whore and knock her up. More than once from what she just said too." Patty went on to screech at me which hurt my ears and after a quick glance at the others, their ears were hurting too.

" Do not call Neena a whore again. She's not a whore." I heard Peach say from the doorway as he stood there just looking at us all.

Peach just leaned against the doorway and crossed his arms over his chest, just daring anyone to say any different where the kid was concerned.

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