1: The Day I Realized You

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I looked at Peridot as she squatted to get into a box of metal scraps. Looking her up and down, I suddenly realized something I hadn't wanted to admit for months. I was in love with her.

As she went on about Smokey Quartz, Jasper's corruption, and the gem monsters, I pondered just how to work up the courage. I didn't know if she loved me back, so that put a serious damper on my confidence. I flew up to the truck to watch Camp Pining Hearts and think. Maybe Percy and Pierre could help me out.

I put on season 1 episode 21, and let my thoughts wonder. Maybe I could flirt with her and see how she responds? Nah, she's way to smart for that. I'd look dumb. Kiss her when she won't see it coming? No, she wouldn't take that well.

Hours passed as I watched the episodes in no random order, taking in details I hadn't before. The subtle way Percy looked at Pierre. The way Paulette talked to Percy. The way they grazed elbows or knees while walking. Things you wouldn't notice if you didn't look. Or weren't in love.

Then it hit me. Literally. Peri literally threw an empty paint can at me, attempting to get my attention when I hadn't responded.

"Sorry! Lost in my thoughts again!" I said, flying down to talk. " What is it?"

"I wanted to know what you think of my morp. It's supposed to be Smokey's yo-yo." Peri watched my eyes graze over the yo-yo, then lock onto her face. Grabbing both her shoulders, I looked her dead in the eyes.

"I love it. It should go, hmmmm, here." Using my elemental manipulation, I moved the large yo-yo into the barn and hung it by the 'string' from one of the rafters. I looked down at Peri. She was smiling that stupid smile of hers.

I blushed at looked away, putting the water back in the pool that Steven and Peri gave to me as a gift when I thought I didn't like her. She hugged my waist with her tiny form, and I leaned down and hugged her back.

"Thanks, Lazuli. I can't imagine how happy you are now that Ja- I mean, you know, she is gone. It must be a huge relief to you." She looked up at me, wanting to see my reaction.

I put her at arms length and said, "You know, it really is. I feel so much freer, especially when I'm around you. Seeing you around, always busy, always fixing, it makes everything else go away." I kissed her cheek, blushed furiously, and flew back up to the truck to finish Camp Pining Hearts. So much for letting her know slowly, I thought.

A.N.: I will probably update this at least once a week. Please keep reading, I promise I'll get better, as will the plot. Thanks so much for checking me out guys. See ya next time!

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