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Mee Soyi

I watched him go to the patch of grass by the street and sit down.

I watch his shoulders rise every time he takes a deep breath.

I watch him lay down and bring his hands across his face.

He's a dramatic little fella.

I thought about I said, what I could've said, what would've happened if I didn't say anything.

I felt a little bummed.

I change into my PJs and grab a blanket. I walk outside and join him under the stars.

"You look genuinely sad." I sit down by him.

"Good job, detective." He responds sarcastically.

I smile. "Thank you."

I lay down the blanket and sit on it.

"Come on, Suga." I invite him to sit on the blanket.

He looks at the blanket, then at me. "I'm good."

"It's soft." I tug on his sleeve.

"Why are you being close? You just told me you weren't into that."

"Suga, I said I wasn't into you being close as in 'couple'. I'm totally fine with being close as in 'friend' with you."

He turns away and sighs.

"Don't misunderstand me, Suga. There's a fine line between friendship and relationship." I intertwine my fingers.

He sighs again.

"Plus, it's uncomfortable seeing people sad." I pout. "I don't want things to be so awkward like this. Can we please get past the moment?"

He finally makes some eye contact with me.

I inch the blanket closer to him.

He finally caves in and sits down on the blanket.

I laugh. "See. Much more comfortable than the grass."

"Eh." He shrugs.

I scoff. "Not even a thank you?"

"Thank you?" He acts confused, then smiles at me.

I turn red and look away.

Suga pinches my arm.

"Ow!" I flinch and grab my arm.

"Look at the stars, Soyi." He points to the sky.

"You know, there's a less painful way to tell me that." I mumble.

He pushes my shoulder, making me lay down.

"I like doing things different." He replies.

He lays down with his head right next to mine.

Watching the stars.


As friends.


"You're not going to tie me down tonight are you?" He asks as we go back to the camper. "Because...there are other ways to handle sleepwalking."

"You're not just a sleepwalker! You're a nasty one!" I correct him.

He crosses his arms. "So....yes?"

I smirk evilly. "Of course."

He scoffs. "But-"

"You almost kissed me last time!" I scream.

"As a friend...."

"Ha! Nice try."

"Fine, but not too tight. I don't want my hands to fall off in the middle of the night."

"No promises. Unless you behave." I order.

"Yes, master."

"Shut up."


5 days pass......


"Hello.......Yes?.......Finally!...... Where?..... Got it! Thank you!" Suga hangs up his phone.

I swallow my noodles. "What was that?"

"My camper is ready." He turns to me and gives me a half smile.

I pout. "Awh... I'm gonna miss you."

"What? I'm not leaving you. I'm still gonna be that crazy camper that lives beside you." He nudges my arm. "And annoys you."

"You are crazy. And maybe...." I lean closer to his ear. "You can tell me about when you first met me."

He snorts. "Hah. OK."

I get up to find the keys. "Wow. We haven't moved in 5 days. We are such lazy people."

"Be proud of it." Suga responds. "It's a blessing."

"Hey, we should go visit that lagoon again. Afterwards." I suggest.

"Yeah, but I might stay at the camper yard for awhile."


"I like it there." He looks at me.

I tilt my head.

"It's fun. Almost everything we do is unnoticed there." He continues while coming close.



"Great way to reduce stress." He reaches over my shoulder

I gulp.

"Found the keys!" He smiles cheekily and hops to the driver's seat.


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