16. The day after

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A/n: Halo lovelies! I decided to to change this story a little bit, As y'all can see Camila is dominate in this story, so there is gonna be daddy kink and some kinky shit the rest of the story, if you're not into that I suggest for you not to read this story anymore.

Camila's P.O.V

I wake up and turn to face my fiancé, she looks adorable sleeping so I carefully get off the bed trying my best not to wake her, I use the bathroom. After I do my business I wash my hands then brush my teeth then lay back down turning on the TV, I flip threw the channels and watch some random cooking show, little while after watching it my stomach growls, I open open the draw of the nightstand and grab the paper with all the numbers if you need anything, I call room service to bring me some breakfast.

As I order I hear Y/n mumble something "No." She whispers, I hang up and look at her "Wake up, baby." I say and kiss her head, she clings onto me for dear life "No, I have a girlfriend" She whispers again "Is she pretty?" I ask trying to go along with it "Yes, very pretty." She said and I giggle, she never talks in her sleep so I find this adorable "She has a big ass also. I like squeezing it." She mumble and a chuckle escaped my lips, I hear small snores so I resume to watching tv again.

20 minutes later

There's a knock on the door "Princess, wake up." I kiss her forehead softly but she still won't wake up, I quickly put on one of her shirts on her that fits her surprisingly big then pick her up and rest her on my hip, yeah we totally look like the ageplay people, but I don't mind it. she lays her head in the crook of my neck as I answer the door "Hello, ma'am. You order breakfast?" The young guy said and I nodded, he wheeled in the cart then looked at Y/n weirdly. 'Oh hell nah, you better not be looking at my baby like that.' I thought to myself

"Thanks, you can go now." I say rudely opening the lid revealing the food. My mouth waters "I get no tip?" He asked and I just look at him "No, now get out of here please." I said and he walk out mumbling something, I decided not to do anything because I really didn't want to beat someone up right now.

"Babygirl." I coo and sit on the bed while rubbing her back and she looks at me "Good morning, sleepy." I say and she smiles "Morning, babe." She said and yawned while rubbing her eyes. She reach over and grabbed a piece of bacon off the plate, pecking my lips then took a bite "What do you wanna do today?" I ask her "To the beach! We haven't been there in months." She said jumping up and down in my lap then took another bite of the bacon "No, maybe next time, dork." I say making her pout, I don't let her go to the beach as much anymore after her incident even though that happened months ago.

"How about the park or the fair!" She squeal "That sounds great." I said and rubbed her thighs, she gets off and I pour some syrup on the waffles then take a sip of the coffee. She pouts and snatched the plate away from me, "Fine, no kisses the rest of the day." I say and lay back down "What noooo!" She says as her lip quivers, I pull her into my lap and cup the back of her neck bring us into a passionate kiss.

10 minutes later

Y/n's been acting like a kid all morning which I find adorable, I grab my duffel bag out from the closet and open it handing her an outfit. You see I've had this whole thing planned out since Shawn came over that one night while Y/n was hanging out with Joseph and then she whooped his ass when she came home. I rented a room then brought a bag of clothes from home because I knew Y/n wouldn't want to wear her dress even though she looks beautiful in one.

I quickly change while Y/n changes in bathroom, I double check to make sure we have everything before we leave "Come on, babe. We have to leave if if not they charge me more money from my card." I yell and she comes out of the bathroom wearing my jacket that hugs all of her curves perfectly with some joggers. I grip her waist and gently kiss her neck, she's wearing a basic outfit but she looks so hot in it. She moans while trying to push me away, "B-baby, we gotta leave." She whispered "I got my mind on something else." I giggle and push her onto the bed, she lands with a soft thud and a squeak of the bed.

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