“bluh, bluh, bluh, blugh” I said switching channels on my T.V there was nothing good on!

“Mamma?” Tristan asked.

“Yes honey” I said looking at him.

“Cwan’ I have a swister’?” he asked.

I almost choked.

“If you want, go ask Santa he might send you one” I mumbled sipping my ice tea awkwardly.

“I did, I twyped’ it on the cwomputer’…..and it swaid’ swend’ me your mum it’s supposed to be a jwoke’ atleast that’s what it said on top…………pwersonally’ I dwont’ gwet’ it”

“If you did get that joke Id be worried honey” I mumbled.


I clutched my shopping bag in my hand I had bought holly’s gift I was just getting another one for Tristan and needed to get the rest of the family including Brent's I walked into ‘TOYS R US’ and shook my head at the name toys are not us we are not toys we are wolves why would you say that to someone? Toys are us? Ohh that pisses me off.

I felt warm hands wrap around my eyes “guess who?” the voice whispered his hot breath hitting my ear.


“Jesus” I mumbled.

Brent sighed “why do you always have to be so moody Caybaby” he said kissing my earlobe.

“Why do you always have to be so happy” I said pulling out of his grasp and continuing my journey to toys are us.

“Little old to be going to toys r us aren’t we babe?” he asked walking beside me lacing his finger’s with mine.

“No….I like playing mummy’s and daddy’s” I said smiling while taking a trolley I wrapped my hand around the handles, then he did the most –cutest- stupidest thing ever he stood behind me pushed me forward my chest hitting the handle I pushed him back slightly, he wrapped his hands over mine and pushed the trolley I could feel his body heat behind me every part of his front was touching my back.

This is embarrassing.

“I don’t mind playing mummy’s and daddy’s……especially with you” he whispered seductively nibbling on my earlobe.

“Oh honey we did play mummy’s and daddy’s we didn’t play it safe and we made a baby” I said he began pushing the trolley.

“You doing Christmas shopping?” he asked walking down the toys isle I nodded.

I smirked and decided to tease him I poked my bum out and hit his lower part he ignored it then I did it again he growled lowly “don’t tease me Caydee” he said.

I giggled and leaned my head into his chest “I missed teasing you….where’s matt?” I asked.

“They’re all here finding there mates” he said casually “Tristan might like this” he said pointing to the battery powered mini car it was shaped like a Ferrari but it was far more smaller it was for children.

I snorted “if I had the money” I said.

Brent bumped his abdomen into mine “moneys no object Caybaby” he said stepping away from me –I frowned missing his touch-.

I watched him pick up the box with one hand admired the way his muscles brunched underneath his t shirt I wanted to go there and devour him……..but I didn’t that would just add to his ego.

“Jellybean don’t.” I said if I buy something that nice for Tristan I have to buy it for Holly’s kids I'm not leaving them out they’re like my kids too.

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