Santa, Toys 'r' us and Sisters....[34]

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“Why not?” he asked confused putting the mini car box into the trolley.

“I don’t want holly’s kids to feel left out” I mumbled.

“Oh yeah, we’ll buy them one” he said pecking my cheek before getting 2 more.


Once we did the shopping in ‘toys r us’ we went to a shop I held his hand while he held all the bags refusing to let me hold them.

He stopped outside a jewellery shop and smiled softly looking at a bracelet “that’s for women babe” I said tugging at his hand.

He smiled “I want to get this for my daughter” he said.

I snorted “don’t count on it honey the first pregnancy hurt enough” I mumbled.

He frowned “I want a baby girl…..i want to spoil her I want her to call me daddy and run around the house refusing to eat until daddy feeds her” he said sighing dreamily.

Awwww. This boy has got my heart! What a cutey!

I stood on my tip toes and pecked him “my poor baby………your still not getting a baby” I said.

He smiled and wrapped his arms around my waist pulling my body closer to his “if we do get one I'm going to spoil her way more than I spoil you…..don’t worry she wont steal your limelight…..okay maybe a little bit” he said rubbing his nose over mine.

I smiled and fake gasped “jealousy strikes through my veins” I said winking.

He hid his head in my neck and chuckled “Nom, nom, nom, nom” he said moving his head up and down to act like he was eating my neck.

I giggled and tried to pull away but his grip was not allowing me to do so I groaned “people are looking” I mumbled.

“Let them” he said looking at me and pulling me into him.

“Don’t leave me…..ever again” he said softly his voice scared…..pleading.

I shook my head and smiled kissing his nose softly letting my lips linger there longer than necessary.

“Love you” I said.

“I love you too” he said smiling.


“So did you find your power?” Brent asked sipping his hot chocolate.

I looked at him confused “did I what?”

He smirked “watch” he said smiling.

I smiled back suddenly my shirt began to lift I gasped slowly it got higher so high my eyes widened and I noticed Brent smirking “my power” he said winking.

I gasped and pulled my shirt lower “you ass” I mumbled looking around making sure nobody saw.

They didn’t they were all to busy with there life.

“You haven’t gained an ounce of weight Caybaby” Brent mumbled.

“Don’t worry so much, I lost it all after I gave birth to Tristan I went to gym and worked it all of” I said holding his hand across the table.

“You didn’t need to my baby’s perfect” he said winking.

“Drama king” I mumbled sipping my hot chocolate.


I hid the presents in the top draw and smirked they will never find them I thought evilly I heard a moan from behind me I spun around and pulled the bottom of my t shirt down frowning and looking at Brent he was smirking he was leaning against the head board of my bed and was staring at my waist that was –a minute ago- revealed.

He had his eyes closed and was smirking “damn Caybaby you never stop getting sexier do you?” he said smirking.

I grinned and flipped my hair over my shoulder jokingly “you know……its because I'm so amazing” I joked.

Brent growled “come here” he said lust covering his eyes.

I shook my head and wiggled my finger “now, now Brent we have our son sleeping in the next room” I said licking my lips slowly annoying him.

He covered his groin and moaned I knew he had a boner I grinned “my poor baby in pain” I cooed jokingly.

He rolls his eyes “you’re evil” he said.

I zipped up the suitcase “okay Hailey and Tristan make sure you listen to Eva and Zed and Jasolene and Charlie and Bug and Jason” I said out of breath.

“Mamma why can’t I come with you?” Tristan asked popping his lower lip out and acting sad.

I frowned and got to his level “because I'm going with the school honey” I said kissing his cheek “and you cant come Paris” I said.

“How come Brent's coming then?” he asked.

“Because he can take care of himself and I cant handle 20 kids and you Tristan I don’t want you to get lost or hurt” I said.

He let tears fall from his eyes “please mamma I promise to behave!” he exclaimed.

I shook my head “aww honeybunny I know that but you cant I will be worrying about you all throughout it, I know you will behave you’re my good boy” I said getting to his level and kissing his forehead.

“Mamma did you just call me honeybunny?” he asked with a disgusted face.

I nodded and grinned.

“Freak” he mumbled running off.

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