Chapter 23

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Erin's POV

I dashed my way out into the hall way, thinking of the one place I can find Jaxon at. The kitchen. That man loved his food, and even if he wasn't in there I could get someone to find him for me. Clearly not paying any attention to where I'm going, I collide into someone tumbling the both of us to the ground.

"Why don't you try pulling your head out of the clouds for once, and pay attention to where your going."


I recognized her voice, before having to look up at who Ive run into. "Excuse me?" I scoffed, pushing myself off the ground. "last time I checked this was my home. How is this my fault, that you got in MY way."

"Well maybe if you weren't in such a damn hurry, you would've seen me coming." She snarled, finally getting up off the floor as well.

"Seline!" My uncle barked, grasping both of our attention. My father and him had managed to walk out of his office, before I even had the chance to comment back.

"It wasn't me daddy!" She whined.

"I don't care who it was, or what you two are even bickering about now. You will behave under your uncles roof while you're staying here!"

A small grin formed on my face as she huffed out in annoyance, before storming off to who knows where.

"I wouldn't look so eager young lady." This time my dad was the one speaking, and let me just say, his tone of voice is not too friendly. "Go get dress, we're going out. The four of us. Like a family."

"Ew, why?"

My father doesn't say anything, only gives me an angry glare. Just like my cousin did two seconds ago, I let out a soft grunt, rolling my eyes. Knowing this isn't an argument I'm going to win, I don't bother protesting, rather than continuing my way.

"Twenty minutes, Erin.."

Yeah, yeah.

Luckily for me I don't need more than five minutes to get changed, leaving me a good amount of time to go find Jaxon. Sadly, I'd have to be extra careful seeing how there's a full house tonight. I quickly made my way back up stairs, but before heading into my room I decided I would check in on A, see if he was doing alright.

I knocked on his door twice but when he didn't answer, I took the liberty of slowly opening the door, peering my head inside. It was no wonder why he didn't answer, he was fast asleep on his bed. I noticed that there was a soft glow in the room, the restroom light had been left on. So you know being the good friend that I am, I stepped inside to go turn it off.

Once I was inside I heard soft music playing from where he was laying, and noticed that he had earbuds on. Probably trying to block out any extra sounds. I knew he was exhausted because he was snoring softly, something he usually didn't do. I also noticed a couple of empty blood bags on the nightstand next to the bed. Looking over at him, I realized his skin tone was looking much better than earlier. He was laying flat on his stomach, shirtless, when I noticed he had a couple small bruises on his back. He still had some ways to go before he could fully heal.

The longer I stared at the bruises, the sadder I seem to get. I can't even being to imagine what he went through. Partly, I felt like it was my fault some how. I should've begged my father to let him out sooner, but when dad makes up his mind there's not much that can change it.

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