Sleep Well

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I had just finished all of my work for the day and sent it off to the Vampire Society. I stretched and a wave of tiredness washed over me. Even though sleeping is a luxury for vampires, it still felt nice to sleep, and it helped pass time. That and with the boys I've felt more tired than normal, but I didn't mind.
"Oh it's getting late." I said to myself as I looked out the window at the luminous half-moon. 'I'll go check on the boys and then I'll go to sleep.' I decided as I got out of bed, lit a candle and left to check on the boys.

Ruki's Room

I stop at Ruki's room first. I quietly opened the door and peeked in, only to see Ruki peacefully sleeping on his back with an open book across his chest, and his candle casting a soft light onto him. I giggled slightly at the sight and carefully made my way over to him, so to not make a sound. I gently took the book from his his grasp and placed it on his side table. I pulled the thick comforter up to his shoulders and kissed his forehead.
"Goodnight Ruki." I whispered as I blew out his candle and left the room, shutting the door behind me.

Azusa's Room

I peered into Azusa's room, and saw him cuddled up to a stuffed rabbit and sleeping soundly. I didn't want to disturb him so I quietly whispered a "goodnight" and shut the door.

Yuma's Room

The next room I checked was Yuma's. When I looked in, I was him sprawled across his bed and his blanket dangling off his bed. I laughed a bit at the sight and went over to him. I readjusted him so he was sleeping in a more comfortable position and covered him back up. I kissed his forehead and whispered "goodnight" and quickly left the room.

Kou's Room

The last room I hadn't checked was Kou's, so I walked up to his room, but something was strange. I could barely hear crying and mumbling coming from inside Kou's bedroom. I hastily opened the door to find Kou tangled up in his blanket and silently crying in his sleep.
"No... Stop it... No..." He would mumble in between sobs. I rushed over to his bedside and placed my candle on his nightstand.
"Kou, it's a dream. Please wake up." I said as I shook his shoulder, causing his crystal-blue eye to open and immediately fill with tears.
"(Y-Y/N)?" Kou questioned as he started to come back to reality.
"Yes, it's me. It was all just a dre-" I was cut off as Kou tackled - well as much as he could with his small body - in a hug. The action alone shocked me, sure Kou was more affectionate than his "brothers," but he's never done anything this bold before. That dream must've really scared him. "Hey, it's okay. You're safe now, I've got you." I said softly as I hugged him back and ran my fingers through his golden-blonde hair. I felt his tears stain my nightgown, and for some reason it crushed my heart seeing him so broken.
"Would you like to come sleep with me?" I asked, eliciting a nod from the blonde. I carefully picked him up and he wrapped his arms around my neck tightly. I held Kou with one arm as I grabbed my candle and headed back to my room.
Once I got into my room, I sat the candle on my nightstand and pulled the blankets back before I laid Kou down with me. 'At least he's calmed down some.' I thought to myself, but I still heard him sniffle and hiccup slightly. "Don't worry Kou, I'm right here and I'll chase those nightmares away for you. So please, if you ever have those nightmares again, don't be afraid to come to me." I said kindly, causing Kou to look at me with his tear-stained face. I lifted my hand and gently wiped away his tears with my thumb. "Try to get some sleep, okay." I finished before I blew out the candle, laid down and hugged him tight, but not too tight. He stiffened up at first, but eventually he relaxed and I heard his even breathing, signaling that he fell asleep. I fell asleep as well not long after...

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