Chapter 15

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The beautiful Luna

Zayden's P.O.V

It had been a couple months since we came back from the getaway. Life was going perfectly. My baby had moved in with us and so had Hayden. It was amazing to wake up next to the loves of your life.

Everyone had been so surprised when Hayden came back to the pack. Everyone had assumed he had died. Luckily everyone welcomed him with great joy. They were pretty excited about having two Alpha's, well three Alpha's. It meant our pack was stronger. While it was great, it was more dangerous. It meant more enemies. Our pack was already a threat with just me in the picture, but now with my brother and our mate in the picture, it made us stand out even more. We had to protect our home more then ever before.

We were currently on our way to a pack not so far away from here, maybe 20 minutes away. Their Alpha had been killed by hunters. He was one of the strongest too. They had caught him while he was on a run. It was a tragic death to all really. He had a son and a baby girl with his mate, but they were still toddlers. He made a will that if anything were to happen to him he wanted us to take his pack under our care till his son was old enough to lead it himself.

We keep our word and we keep it well. We were going to train his son so that he one day will be as great as his father was.

When we arrive to the pack we see many crying faces. It was such a sad scene. His beautiful wife was walking now around trying to be strong and attempting to calm them. She was a true Luna. She rather have her people happy then her own self.

Me and Hayden walk towards her and greet her with a warm smile.

"My condolences Luna. Your husband was a man full of honor. He will truly be missed." I say softly as she gives me a sad smile.

"Thank you and thank you for coming. My people are ready whenever you are" she speaks as a little adorable boy runs to her and hugs her leg while hiding his little face behind her leg. My heart turns to puddles when I get a view of him. He looks just like his father.

I kneel a little and smile at the little boy "hey there buddy. Want to help me get everyone going? You look like a big strong boy" my smile turns into a big grin when he jumps from behind his mom and tries to make little muscles with his arms. I stand up and take him into my arms. We walk around make sure that everyone is able to pack up there things. When everyone is done, we tell them to just follow us back to our pack.

We arrived back to our pack in about 30 minutes. We had to slow it down a bit since it was a huge group. We had a no mans land about the size as our land only a little smaller. We didn't ever use that side . If we needed more land we had more on the other side of us. We had our men build them houses so that they didn't have to start from scratch.

"This is yours. Take it as a gift. If by the time little Denver grows up and wants to take your pack back then so be it but this land is yours." I tell the Luna. The Luna looks around with tears and smiles "thank you, it's perfect. My mate would have loved it as well"

"It was nothing, we start training tomorrow so rest up and settle in. If you need anything just let us know." I say before walking to my car.

As we arrive to our home I think back to the time when I had no one. Now I have two mates. A smile comes to my face as I am greeted by my little one. I pick him up into my arms and spin him around as I kiss his plump red lips. Hayden scoops him up from my arms and does exactly the same. As I look at my mates I realize how lucky I am. How much I love them.

"How was your day baby?" I ask my little one as we walk into the living room.

"It was boring with out you both here... but tell me, how's the Luna holding up? Poor thing must be feeling terrible.. I don't know how she's being so strong." I loved how he was so concerned. It just showed how he was Alpha as well. He's a man so yes, he's Alpha, now if he wants to be called Luna then that's what he'll get.

"She's doing fine, you can see how sad she is. I don't know how she's so strong either, if I lost the one of you my life would be over." Hayden responds.

We spend the rest of the night talking and soon we decided to call it a night. It was pretty late and tomorrow we had something special planned for our little one so we didn't want to stay up all night. As I lay on my side and look at my mates, I can't help but smile and wrap my arms around them. I don't know what I would do without them in my life.

I'm the worst! I'm so sorry for SUCH A LATE UPDATE! I've been so busy and I just couldn't find time to work on my book. I appreciate all of you who stayed! I love you loves! I'll try my very best to update quicker! And HAPPY NEW YEARS!! I know I know I'm a month late but better late then never! Anyways I hope you all enjoyed. It wasn't the best update but I tired!

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