Sorry, I know we said that we'd be posting every night. But, I said that while I was on vacation, in a nice luxury hotel. So as you know, we won't be posting every night. Sorry, but we're really busy at times. Also, I'm making this chapter a little bit longer, considering it's been a while and that most of our chapters really aren't that long. Anyways, hope you enjoy this chapter. - Melissa.

-Kayla's POV-

I woke up, with my entire body curled up and my head on Justin's lap. His head tilted back, he gave out a light snore.

Attempting to get up from the couch without waking him, he jumped, awake and alert.

"Woah there." I said, getting up from the couch. "Don't need to have a heart attack."

"Sorry, need to be alert at all times, ya know?"

"Hmm. You do realize it's like, eleven-thirty."

"I do now. Did we really sleep for that long?"

"Yeah, I don't even really remember half the night . ." I trailed off.

It was true, I don't even remember last night. The only thing I remember is walking in the streets of Paris with Justin, laughing and having a good ol' time.

"What's the matter?" Justin asked, causing me to jump out of my thoughts.

"Oh, um. Nothing. Just thinking." I forced out a smile. What really happened last night?

* * *

For the rest of the day, we chilled in the hotel, watched movies and even called in room service; a few times. It felt good to forget all my worries and relax with my best friend.

"And that's the last of, "Grown Ups"." Justin said, jumpIng up from the bed like a kangaroo and taking out the disk. "What do you wanna watch next?"

"I don't really wanna watch a movie anymore." I yawned.

"What? Why?!" Justin began to whine. "I wanna watch another movie though. ."

"I'm tired. Go ahead and watch a movie. I wanna take a nap. I'm exhausted."

"You're never this tired. What's up with you?"

Justin gave me a frown. But I don't know what's wrong with me. "Jet lag." I finally said, I really doubt it was that. I've been to almost all twenty-four time zones, and I'd never suffered from jet lag.

"Fine. I guess I could go for some sleep too. ."

"Justin, just go watch your movie. You don't have to sleep cause I am. That's foolish."

"But I wanna sleep with my Baby-Girl."

I rolled my eyes playfully, watching Justin crawl under the covers with me. I felt content with him next to me. We always did this back in Canada, so it wasn't something that was awkward to me.

My eyes began to shift, and I felt Justin come closer to me. Soon, his arms wrapped comfortably around my waist, making me calm and warm. This is what I've been missing for nearly a year now.

Oh, why did he have to go?

-Justin's POV-

"Jeez Kayla, you just threw up nearly five meals. What did you eat?" I asked, pulling back a strand of hair behind her ear. Her face was pale. Almost like Edward from, "Twilight".

"I don't know, but something didn't seem to take well to my stomach. I still don't feel good." She clentched her stomach. Aye, she looks terrible.

"Maybe you just need some rest. ."

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