Chapter 10

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A few weeks later...

Ayesha's POV

It's been a few weeks since that our first awkward chat and we've become good friends. I should not have judged him. Anyways....we exchanged number and even went shopping together but now I've started getting this weird feeling when I'm around him. My heart starts beating wildly when I think of him, I don't know it's just weird.

Heart: You like him

What the?! I don't!

Brain: Yeah she doesn't. Besides, love is a trap.

Heart: No it's not... It's something so magical so amazing... Imagine a person making you feel so special and doing his best to see your smile..

Argh. Shut up you both!

Have I gone crazy?! I'm actually talking to organs.

Heart: You've started falling for him

Brain: They're just good friends

Have I really started falling for him? No no I haven't. We are just good friends. Yeah. Just good friends.

Pushing all the thoughts aside I get ready because I'm going with Ahmed to the nearby café. I open my closet and wear my light pink polka dot top and jeans with a white hijab. I then put on some lipgloss and mascara. Putting my phone in my hand bag, I close my room's door and head downstairs.

"Ammi! I'm going out!" I say loudly enough for her to hear.

"Where are you going? And with whom?" She asks, raising her eyebrow.

"Uh... I'm going to the café to meet up with Anaya," I lie. "And um... Ahmed is taking me there," I add.

She looks at me doubtfully but eventually nods.

I kiss her goodbye and head outside where Ahmed is waiting for me.


It's a cool weather today and it's very cloudy.

"Hiiiiiii!" I wave at him.

"Hello, Miss Potato," He says and I roll my eyes. He's been calling me that since he heard Hussain call me that the other day.

I sit in the passenger seat. Yeah, the passenger seat.

"So where do you wanna go, Miss Po-" I cut him off. "Stop calling me that," I punch him on his arm, playfully.

"Take me to the nearby café I told you about yesterday," I say.

"Of course, ma'am," He says, trying to hide his grin but fails at it badly.

At the café

We're sitting in the café right now. I've ordered a cappuccino and Ahmed ordered black tea.

"So Ahmed..." I trail off.

"Hmm," He says, raising his eye brow.

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