Dad idea

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(Kakashi Pov)
(Y/n) lost her memory because of me why did I even bother doing what I did I'm terrible."(y/n) do u even know what happened" "no I don't what happened".I think I should tell her because that would be for the best."well you see it's a long story but it started with us getting together" "did something happen did we break up" "yes because I..............I was seeing a mother girl Yoo-hoo didn't know at the time I kept it a secret because you your having my child and-" "wait what you cheated on me I taking I get mad at you and said something like ,watch after the baby tell her that I leave her and I always will, and then I walked off and something happened and I blacked out and forgot every thing" "yea I guess so but I never meant to hurt you at all really I only went out with that girl because I thought that u didn't love me no more so I was scared that you where going to break up with me" "well maybe should've done it sooner then later" after we had theater talk she told me to leave and never let her see me near her child again or I will regret it.
(Your Pov)
Man how stupid can the guy get I mean wow."Mis.(l/n) you have two more hours until your memory comes back you hi your head on the four witch gave I a little headache and mad you forget just for a few hours" "thank doctor" I wonder what happened when I find out and if it is bad I'm going to find Kakashi and sit him down and have a long talk with him a very long talk.
             TIME SKIP
(Your Pov)
  Well I remember every thing and now to find Hinata so she can watch (c/n) while I do find Kakashi. "Hey hinata could please whatch over (c/n) please me and Kakashi went through some things and have to get them straight" "sure (y/n)" "thank you so much".Now to find that pervert Kakashi."So we need to talk right now" "what are you doing here I thought you didn't want to see me or something" "ok one don't get mad at me because you screwed up and two maybe I would like to make a deal with you" "fine we'll talk but at I guess you can call it your place"
            Time skip
(Kakashi Pov)
   I don't know why I acted so rude I was happy but sad to see her well hopefully this turns out ok."Ok Kakashi I'm going to give you one more chance to get back into the family but one screw up and you done for" "really your serious so does that mean we can have one more chance" "no I'm only doing this for our child you can sleep on the couch down stairs ok" "...........ok............" "but if I where to give you another chance what would you do" "I would do anything your my life your my soul your my happiness I would do anything in the world to be back in your life please let me back into your life please" "ok one more chance"
So guys should I continue with this story or not.

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