Chapter 3: Bad luck?

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Chapter 3: Bad luck?

Grabbing my books, I went to my physics class and sat at the front, waiting for Emily my physics buddy.

"Hey" Emily chirped entering the classroom and sitting next to me.

Emily, I could describe as a really bright person. She always has a smile on her face and knows what to say when your feeling down. She's also really pretty. I reckon that she'd be a model someday. But Emily isn't one of my close friends. She just talks to me and keeps me company in physics.

"Hey" I replied with no trace of enthusiasm.

"What's wrong?" Emily asked noticing how down I am.

"I'm going to fail" I spoke loud and clearly.

"Seriously? You? As in Skylar Smith failing? You must be joking" Emily laughed.

"No I am not joking around, I already did bad in my essay" I replied truthfully.

"Everybody shut up" the teacher yelled as he strolled into the classroom, slamming the door making me wince.

My favorite teacher. Not. He's so annoying. He always yells and swears. Sometimes I just feel like I want to yell back at him but I know and as well as everyone else knows that I would do no such thing.

I stared out the window as he explained the instructions that I've heard one to many times.

He finally handed the sheets out, checking if anyone had mobile phones. I stared at the sheet still feeling quite unsure.

Well here goes nothing.


I was too busy answering the last question that I hadn't realised that the bell went signalling the end of 4th period.

"Sky" Someone said.

"Mhm" I replied focusing on the question.

"Bell went like two minutes ago" The mystery person replied. I looked up to see Emily waiting for me and that the whole class had already disappeared.

I then looked at the clock and she was right. I looked at my test for the last time feeling very uncertain before handing it to the teacher.

"So, tell me how good you went" Emily asked also already knowing the answer.

"Really bad" I stated bluntly.

I shoved my books in my locker and made my way to the cafeteria.

"Come on. You couldn't have done that bad, think positively" Emily suggested.

"Ok, I am positive that something bad is about to happen" I said truthfully.

"Really?" Emily asked dissaprovingly.

"Reall-" I confirmed.

Suddenly someone tripped falling right on her face. I would've felt sorry for her but some sort of juice on her tray spilled. Landing all over me. It all happened in slow motion. The drink splattered all over my jumper leaving a huge mess.

"Seriously?" I asked looking at the mess on my jumper whilst gritting my teeth, trying to contain my anger.

"I-I'm re-really so-sorry" A nerd stuttered quietly. I actually felt sorry for her. The poor thing looked like she was about to cry.

"Thats okay" I said giving her a warm smile. Relief instantly flooded through her eyes.

"Lets go to the bathroom" Emily interrupted trying to contain her laughter.

"This isn't funny" I groaned keeping my head down as I walked pass people, either trying to avoid some sympathy looks or humorous looks.

We made our way to the girls bathroom and cleaned my jumper. There was still a faint mark there but that was the best that we could do.

We made our way back to the cafeteria, Emily parting ways to meet her friends. Saying a quick bye, I went to my regular table.

I sat opposite Charlotte. Lara sitting on the end.

"What happened we've been waiting for like 10 minutes" Charlotte asked looking at her watch.

"Oh my gosh and what happened to your jumper?" Lara asked her eyes widening at the site of my jumper.

"Long story short, I think I'm cursed" I said frowning at my sandwich.

I opened the sandwich to find that it was my sister's peanut butter jelly sandwich.

"Can this day get any worse" I groaned.

"What's wrong?" Charlotte asked looking at my sandwich.

"I packed my sisters peanut butter jelly sandwich" I said disgusted.

"Eww" Charlotte agreed disgusted.

"Yum, I'll have it" Lara said eagerly taking my peanut butter jelly sandwich and eating it.

"Well there goes my lunch" I muttured.

"This is officially the worst day ever" I groaned again.

"Do enlighten us" Charlotte said with anticipation although she already knew half of it.

"You don't wanna know" I said too tired to talk.

"C'mon it can't be that bad" Lara said through a mouthful of my sandwich.

"Ok-" I started taking a deep breath. "- Number one: I woke up late. Number two: I find that my laptop had been scribbled on by my evil sister. Number three: I'm late to school. Number four: I think I failed the essay. Number five: Someone bumps into me making me drop my books. Number six: I think I failed my physics test. Number seven: Someone spills some sort of liquid on my jumper and lastly, Number eight: I accidently brought my sisters penut butter jelly sandwich" I finished resting my head on my hands in misery.

"Not that bad" Charlotte said sympathetically trying to make me feel better.

"It's really bad" Lara said truthfully.

"Don't say that, you're gonna make her feel worse" Charlotte scolded her hitting her arm.

I layed my head on my arms and closed my eyes trying to get rid of the horrible dream. But in fact it isn't a dream. It's real and I'm still living in it.

"Sounds like bad luck" Lara spoke.

Bad luck?


Q: Most embarrassing moment? (If you're not too embarrassed to say it)

Mine is when I ran into a glass door. Fun times..

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