Frustrated Part 22

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Did a bit of editing. It needed it. ( 2nd March 2018) Hope it reads better than before.

22nd September 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Neena's POV...

Little Matthew loved his little baby brother and it shows with how much time he spends with him and gives him lots of kisses and cuddles. They looked so cute together. 

Of course, Knox has still not made an appearance with coming back to see me and I have been calling him quite regularly to tell him about the sons who are the spitting image of him. But he doesn't answer. I wanted to tell him about our sons and how much they looked like him.

They were practically his spitting images. They really were. They both had his features to a tee. His eye colour, hair colour and the shape of his facial features. They were both mini Knox's and everyone who knew Knox would know it too once they had seen the kids.

I was doing okay for myself now with the little bit of work that I have been doing. I wasn't getting rich or anything. I was making just enough to get by on and I was happy with that. The boys had everything they needed and since they were happy, that was all that mattered to me.

But I still needed to tell Knox about them. It wasn't something I could leave to someone else. It was something I needed to tell him personally to his face. It was the right thing to do.

Merv and Judy had taken the boys to the park this one day so I could get some more washing done and as I was hanging out the freshly washed clothes on the line outside, I felt as if someone was watching me. I could feel some eyes boring into my back.

Turning around, I saw that there was someone standing in the shadow of the big tree next to the side of the unit. I knew who it was by his size and shape.

Knox was here.

" Knox. You're back." I called out with a smile as I raced over to jump on him wrapping my arms around him while giving him a big kiss. I couldn't stop smiling now that he was here.

Then I jumped back away from him again and before he knew it, I slugged him one.

" Don't you ever leave me money like that. I am not some whore you need to pay, thank you very much." I growled out at him as I watched him slowly turn his head back to look at me with that glaring look he uses when he is displeased with something.

Not that I could care either. What he did was wrong and he knew it just as much as I did.

" I'm needing a cuppa. If you want one, you know where to go." I snapped at him as I turned to walk into the back door of my little unit and into the kitchen area to put the kettle on.

While it was boiling, I turned to the cake I had learned to make from Judy and cut a couple of slices and put them on two small cake plates then got two cups ready with coffee, milk and sugar in them. The one with the sugar in it was Knox's cup.

Once the cuppas were made, I turned to put them on the table seeing that Knox had quietly made his way inside and was standing near the table in front of me.

" Sit." I said to him as I placed the plates with cake on the beside each of our cuppa's.

" I assume that everything went well for you," I said to him as I sat down and after picking up my cup, took a sip of it.

After a few moments, Knox pulled out a chair and sat himself down and went for the cake first. I noticed without staring that he was quick to gobble the whole thing down in a couple of bites. Then he looked at mine since I hadn't touched it yet.

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