Chapter 1 : The Ketchup Fiasco

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"Holy broccoli! I think they are coming," somebody squeaked.

The sudden information caused a chaos in the cafeteria. Every girl began adjusting her dress. Some were doing their make up; others were applying mascara over their eyes. And a few eyes were settled on the entrance to the cafeteria, eagerness dancing in them.

"You better stay away from Evan. He's mine," a blonde girl warned another Blondie.

"Oh please! I am, anyway, after Chase," Blondie two replied.

"Hey, do you think Trystan will finally notice me?" another brunette asked, joining the conversation.

Jenny and I took deep sighs, observing the drama from our seats.

This thing has always stroked me about the high school. A place where you are judged on your appearance, where the drama will fill your head with anxiety, and where you will get in fights and learn painful lessons.

There is a reason I never fit in here. I adore freedom and high school only knows bounding people with the trends of everyday. And I refuse to be bound.

"Seriously? They are acting as if Channing Tatum is visiting Westport High," Jenny said, pulling me out of my thoughts.

"Can I smash their faces?" I asked, rubbing my knuckles.

"As much as I hate violence, if it shuts their stupid mouth, then yes you can," she replied with a grin.

I gave a high five to my best friend, as a grin tugged on my lips too.

Jenny and I had been best friends since our mom first left us alone at the day care center. A little boy was teasing her and pulling her pigtail. So, I went there and bit his hand. Since then we had always been there for each other, no matter what.

Curious is the word that perfectly delineates her. She has a world canopied with books, be it a course book or a novel. Jenny is an encyclopedia with facts about everything, and has been single since the day she landed on earth. Although, no one can deny the fact that behind those rimmed glasses and baggy clothes, is a beautiful doe-eyed brunette who can make any guy fall for her.

"Hey, where's Gabby?" I asked, searching around for another of my best friend.

Gabby A.K.A Gabriella has been in our group since she first joined our school in seventh grade. With liquid blue eyes, long blonde locks, and a perfectly curved body, she is an eye candy for every guy.

I still remember how Jenny and I never wanted her to join our little group of two. She followed us everywhere for two weeks. To the cafeteria, classes and even to the lavatory, stopping only when we finally accepted her to be our friend.

I mean, you cannot deny being friends with a girl that opens the door of the lavatory at the moment you are about to pee, and refuses to close it until you befriend her.

Got the point?

But I'm glad we did so, because you rarely get lucky enough to meet people like her.

And now, we three are inseparable.

"There," Jenny said, pointing behind my back.

I turned around, only to see the much awaited trio walking in the cafeteria.

Actually, Evan and Trystan were walking while Chase was running around, trying to get out of Gabriella's grip.

Uh-oh! Did I tell you Gabby has this HUGE crush on Chase?

"Here begins the PDA," I scrunched my nose as soon as Britney, the cheerleading captain, placed her sloppy lips on Trystan, who happily returned the kiss.

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