Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Jade's POV:

The next day was a big day for us. I was still smiling over what had happened with Perrie last night. I finally told her I loved her and she said it back. We got dressed for our interview we had and got their just on time.

Interviewer: "So Perrie and Jade. You're finally together?" He asked looking at both of us. Our hands were intertwined and we smiled.

"Yes and I couldn't be more happier. I finally have this beautiful girl" I say looking at Perrie and squeezing her hand. She giggles and pecks me on the lips.

Interviewer: "I also assume you two had fun last night" he said with a smirk on his face.

"Uh, what makes you say that?" Perrie asks.

Interviewer: "Make up isn't going to hide the spot on your neck honey" he said back sarcastically. I watched as Perries face turned red and she looked at me.

"Jade has one too!!!! She can just hide it better under her mop of hair!" Perrie said back defensively.

"Excuse me! Mop?" I asked her laughing.

"Yeah. Your hairs a mop" she said winking at me. I pulled a puppy dog face.

"Awww baby I'm sorry" she said pulling me in for a hug and kissing me on the cheek.

Interviewer: "We need a song for these two!" he said laughing. Can you feel the love tonight started playing. The song off the lion king. My smile went from ear to ear. It was Disney. Perrie giggled at me, probably knowing what I was thinking at that moment.

"It's very cute but very annoying" I heard Jesy say.

"Yeah. One minute you will be talking to them fine. The next they'll be making out." Leigh added.

"Oh and you obviously weren't THAT tired last night after the movie. Were you Perrie" Jesy asked Perrie. All Perrie did was blush.

"Leave her alone" I said to Jesy. She stuck her tongue out at me like a child. I giggled and rolled my eyes.

Interviewer: "Well you two definitely make a very very very cute couple" he said.

"Thank you" Perrie and I said at the same time. He then asked us other questions and the interview was over.

'Thank god' I thought in my head. We were all walking out to the car finally going home. Perries hand was laced with mine as we were going along. There were fans everywhere and they were mobbing us. Suddenly Perries hand fell from my grip.

"JAA-" was all I heard her scream. I turned around instantly to try and find her blonde hair but she was gone.

"PERRIE!" I yelled out. I didn't get any response. Only fans screaming and trying to get me to sign stuff.

"Please not now" i tried to stay polite as possible towards them. I ran back through the crowd trying to find my girlfriend but she was no where to be seen.

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