Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

Jade's POV:

That was it. Once that door was fully closed Perries lips crashed with mine. I knew how I made her feel before. We stayed there just kissing for a while until she pulled away already breathless.

"Bedroom" she said. I nodded and hopped up off the couch. As I was walking towards the room Perrie had her hands on my waist. I was so eager to have her all to myself. To be able to please her and make her happy. As soon as we hit the bed we were kissing again. Our lips moving in absolute sync. I was the one fighting for dominance. I knew Perrie loved this side of me. Eventually she let me win. With knowing I won I slowly started lifting up her shirt. My fingers grazing along her bare skin. I felt goosebumps spread all around her body from my touch. She lifted her head up for me to take the shirt off. Our lips parted for a split second but then connected again. I then felt a pair of hands carefully be placed on my hips. Her soft fingers slowly trailing up the inside of my shirt. Touching every part of my bare skin as possible. Our lips had to be parted again as she pulled my shirt over my head in one swift motion. My body rose with goosebumps as I felt her hands follow the thin material she was about to take off. Her hands reached the clip of my bra as she unpinned it and threw it somewhere on the floor. She parted her lips from mine as she planted small kisses down to my kneck.

"P-P-Perrie" she hit my soft spot as her name came out of my mouth as a moan. I felt her smile against my neck as she started biting my weak spot. My whole body was starting to go weak from the pleasure she was giving me. Little did I know this was nothing yet. I found the strength to flip Perrie over. She was now on top. I knew she hated it because she always held her body weight so evenly, being careful not to crush me. Honestly I was fine with her, she wasn't even that heavy. My hands then explored her bare back until my fingers found the clip to her bra. I threw it somewhere on the floor as her skin met mine. My hands were at the bottom of her back. My fingers now slowly trailing the top of her jean line until I reached the front. She lifted herself off me a little for me to be able to unbutton and unzip her pants. It was actually quite hard pulling her pants down so she helped me. A giggle escaped my mouth through the kiss. She pulled away and looked at me. Her feet were now kicking off her jeans at the bottom.

"What's so funny" she asked me with a smirk on her face.

"I just found it funny that I was trying to undress you and you had to help" I said shyly.

"That's what we do, it's alright baby, don't feel embarrassed. Just relax" she said sitting up.

"And enjoy" she said smirking at me and winking. Her lips then made contact with my stomach as she started placing small kisses down to the top of my pants. Her delicate fingers slowly popping the button open as the zipper fell down. She had more of an advantage as me because she was on top of me and could do anything. I slightly lifted my bum off the bed for her to be able to pull my jeans off. I heard them hit the floor and my whole body tensed up as I felt soft lips press lightly against my inner thigh. My whole body filling with pleasure the higher her lips rose up my leg. Once at the top the material from my underwear were between her teeth and being dragged down my legs. Her eyes making contact with mine as a smirk crossed her face. I now lay fully naked on the bed as Perrie sits up and looks at me. I felt my cheeks turn bright red being a bit embarrassed.

"You're so god damn beautiful. Like an angel" her voice was sweet. The words replaying through my head as her lips came in contact with mine again. Kissing me softly. The only piece of clothing left was Perries underwear. With that my hands didn't waste any time to have them removed. We now both lay completely naked with each other.

"You ready?" she asked me. It brought me back to the first time she asked me that. The first time we were about to kiss. The memory made me smile.

"Yeah gorgeous" I said back to her. My arms wrapped around her waist as she brought her lips to mine and it all went from there.

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