Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Jade's POV:

Perrie and myself walked to collect Leigh and Jesy. They were only next door so that was helpful. Somehow the door was unlocked. We walked in to find them sitting on their couch.

"Ahhhhh we were waiting for you!" Jesy said cheerfully.

"You ready?" I asked. They both nodded and walked over to us.

"Well, looks like you had fun last night Jade!" Jesy said in her Australian accent.

"Uhmmm, what do you mean" I said. Everyone laughed. My eye brows slanting as I pulled an angry face.

"You appear to have something on your neck" Leigh said.

"Oh shit. I forgot to cover it!" I say turning to Perrie. She stood there smirking.

"You find this funny Miss!" I say playfully to her.

"Yeah I do actually" she shot me a wink. I put my lips next to her ear.

"Watch your back babe" I whispered in her ear.

"I'm going to re do my hair" I said. As I was going to walk away Perrie grabbed my wrist and spun me back around. She quickly gave me a peck on the lips before letting me go.

"Aww little cuties! When are you going to tell our Mixers?" Jesy asked. I walked over to the mirror and started to do my hair.

"Should we tell them today?" I asked.

"Ooooo can we please!" Perrie begged.

"Ok then" I said smiling. Perrie started to squeal in excitement.

"I know exactly what to do!" she said. I looked at her raising an eye brow.

"It's a surprise babe!" she said smiling at me. I turned around while continuing on with my hair. I put it into a messy side plait that covered the hickey very well. Days like this I was thankful for my thick hair. Other times it was actually quite frustrating.

"Let's go!" I say going to walk out the door. There was already a car waiting for us outside. It was nice being taken everywhere. Celebrity life was actually nice but it came with it's downsides. No privacy. This made me think of Perrie and I. Her hand was laced with mine as she sat next to me. I kind of loved how protective she was over me. It gave me relief.


Half an hour later we had arrived. The difficult part was getting out of the car. There were fans everywhere. Luckily security cleared a path for us to walk down. As we stepped out of the car their screams filled my ears. It made me smile how much they loved us. We all walked around taking photos and signing their stuff. I loved making the fans happy, they would always cry because they were so overwhelmed. We soon had to leave them because we got called to come inside. My hand instantly found Perries as we intertwined our hands. We always did this so it was nothing new. There was a big couch set up for us so we all sat down. It went Leigh, Jesy, Me then Perrie. By the time Perrie got to sit down she had to sit to the front of the chair. There was kind of no room. The interviewer said hello and started to talk to us. He got through each of us asking us a couple of personal questions. He then asked a question directed to the group. Leigh answered the question and I took the opportunity to do something to Perrie. I was 'repositioning myself' when I slid my hand under Perries bum. Water went everywhere. I hadn't of realized she had just taken a sip from her bottle. I couldn't help it. I started laughing, I laughed so hard tears escaped my eyes.

"I'm so sorry" Perrie said to the interviewer.

"No, no it's fine! what happened" he asked. I was still laughing over what had just happened.

"I choked" Perrie said trying to sound convincing.

"That's alright, how bout you take Jade into the bathroom to cool down?" he said. I then felt Perries arms trying to help me up. My laughing had decreased but once we were in the bathroom it started again. Perrie pushed me into an empty stall and locked the door. Luckily the toilet seat was down because I had to sit down. As soon as the door was locked Perrie sat on me and cupped my face in her hands. She kissed me. A long slow amazing kiss. My stomach was literally doing flips. The kiss calmed me down and I seemed to forget where we were. She pulled away needing air.

"That's better. Now don't do that again!" she said hopping off me and taking my hand.

"I won't buba" I said to her. We then walked back out to the interview preparing to perform Move.

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