Unexpected Surprises. Part 21

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I am finally home again and will be sorting out this and the next few chapters, one of which published itself and refuses to get unpublished no matter how many time I go to put it back to draft. So I apologise for any confusion this has caused. Lyn

22nd September 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Neena's POV...

It was nearly twelve months before I saw Knox again.

If it wsn't for little Matty, or Matthew as I call him, I would have thought that Knox has been a figment of my imagination. But he wasn't.

Matthew was four months old now and has been sleeping through the night very well for the last several weeks thank goodness. I was beginning to panic when he didn't behave as other baby's do, like the one up the road.

But it was the older couple who lived next door that helped me see that Matty was perfect in every way.

A few days after Mr Green had come and gone, he arrived back to tell me a few things that he had done for me.

Yes, he did dissolve all that was my fathers assets as well as my brothers and was able to distribute them to quite a few people for compensation. The bigger share went to those families who had lost loved ones.

He also dissolved the majority of my mothers as well, but he kept back some of it for me. it wasn't much, but it was going to be enough to last me for a couple of years.

The reason he did that was because he knew that I hadn't had any formal kind of education and I wasn't trained in anything and I needed help if I was going to be self supportive and he knew it.

So he sat down with me and talked me through a few things, like finances, college courses as well as how to look for a place to stay that wouldn't disadvantage me. Hence the place I am in now. Mr Green even came by and checked this place out first before I signed any lease.

But he said it was an okay place despite it being a very basic place with hardly any furniture in it.

It's just a little two bedder unit in an older part of town with an open plan living area with the bathroom shared between the two bedrooms. Just before the back door was a little closed off area which housed a small laundry room with a washer and a dryer.

Even though the place came with kitchen and lounge furniture, there wasn't anything in the bedrooms which didn't bother me too much since I have been living on the ground for quite a while. Plus the rent was decently cheap as well.

Then Mr Green brought me around a small SUV to get around in.

It was only a five seater, but it did the job.

I laughed at him when he brought it around to me since I didn't have a licence to drive on the roads here in the states. he just looked at me as if I was something from out of space. Then he made arrangements for me to learn the road rules and then get a licence.

That took a few weeks, but I got it since I already knew how to drive at home. I just didn't have a licence. He also said that the registration and insurance was already taken care of and I didn't need to factor in the costs of those for a while.

I had to ask him what those were anyway since I didn't know.

Hearing him growling about how deprived I had been thanks to my father was a surprise. I don't know why though. Everyone knew that my father never did anything for me or gave me anything. He never taught me any of the basic things that a normal father does for their children.

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